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Leaders in Complex BIM Services, Management, and Delivery

Our BIM services span the entire spectrum of the design to construction and operation value chain.  We have worked in conceptual space planning optimization, generative design, BIM documentation, BIM coordination, BIM fabrication, and BIM for FM.  With hundreds of millions of square feet of experience, our team can tailor the BIM solution for the enterprise or individual project.

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Pre-Fabrication And Industrialized Construction Consultants

Our work in pre-fabrication includes creating extremely high level of detail digital models and process advisory.  We have put together digital twins of construction projects that detail everything down to the last nail.  Our pre-fabrication team has worked for the largest industrialized construction companies and understands what it takes to deliver digital instructions to a fabrication line.

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Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality Delivered

We have worked on large scale virtual reality projects that create an immersive and interactive experience.  From real estate to healthcare, we can create a visually rich environment with realistic materiality and rendering level lighting for clients that include Related, Virgin Hyperloop One, JMB Realty, and more.

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VIATechnik is a fast-growing technology company that offers a range of BIM, Virtual Design and Construction, and Software Development services to owners, architects, engineers, and contractors.

Our projects

Massachusetts Port Authority

VIATechnik was selected as the Massachusetts Port Authority’s BIM Consultant. Together we are working with Massport to strengthen their current…

Flagler Memorial Bascule Bridge

Our firm is a leader in high end visualizations. Utilizing the latest virtual reality gaming engines, we simulated a proposed bascule bridge in Florida. VIATechnik focused on creating a highly realistic virtual reality environment that simulated the operation of a…

VIATechnik works with leaders in the architecture, real estate, engineering, and construction industries.

Forge App & Revit Plug-in Development

As more tools migrate to cloud based collaboration tools, we noticed some limitations into the current data flows. We work…


AEC Knowledge Management in the Digital Age

With Kyle attending the inaugural Advancing AEC Knowledge Management Conference later this month in Denver, we sat down with Kyle to discuss the state of knowledge management and what it …

Protected: Knowledge Digitization: A Game-Changer for Construction Outcomes

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Construction Data and Cybersecurity

Data security in construction: what you need to know. As the construction industry continues its rapid digital transformation, the risk of catastrophic data breaches has never been higher, and it’s …

The Complete Guide to Digital Collaboration for Construction

Digital collaboration for construction: what you need to know When it comes to tech adoption, many construction firms continue to lag behind the competition, and with widespread material shortages and …

VDC in Action: What does it look like?

VDC in Action: What does it look like? Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is about people. But the best people can only do so much without the right tool. And …

Make way for digital transformation in Construction

Make way for digital transformation in Construction It’s nearly impossible to read the annual report of a public company without seeing digital transformation front and center to how the company …

Autodesk University

November 13-15, 2023 Autodesk University 2023: The Design & Make Conference Are you ready to join thousands of innovators at the Design & Make Conference? Autodesk University 2023 is the …

AGC’s IT Conference 2022

August 16-18 | Chicago IT Conference for Construction Professionals Join us & engage with fellow construction professionals to gain insights about the future and learn how to address construction technology …

BIM Services – What is it and why is it valuable?

What is BIM Services? Building Information Modeling (BIM) software has gained popularity over the past several years as the new standard for the design, documentation, and execution of construction projects. …

Is BIM The Same As Revit?

Many people commonly place Revit and BIM in the same category, where BIM = Revit, and vice versa. However, the concept of BIM vs. Revit is moot. Building Information Modeling …

Difference Between BIM and CAD

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software such as AutoCAD has been used for several decades to accurately design detailed 2D and 3D models of various product types as well as building blueprints. …

Ways BIM is Improving Construction Management

Antecedent to the rise in popularity of Building Information Modeling (BIM), commercial buildings were designed and developed using CAD technology – but now, the value that BIM can provide to …

Digital Transformation in AEC

Businesses across the globe have been lining up in favor of digital transformation for a number of years thanks to the numerous benefits that technology can provide. But in architecture, …

Tank Relocation Simulation [Case Study]

Relocating an industrial-size helium tank at a science laboratory presented clearance issues at a particular tunnel passage. VIATechnik created a simulation of the transit sequence using laser scanning and high-precision …

What is 4D construction?

With 3D BIM leading the entire construction industry in establishing better project workflows, engineers are pursuing new dimensions to streamline the process and improve project outcomes. In a 4D model, …

Recapping 2020’s Trends and Challenges in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

As we reflect on 2020, COVID has undoubtedly taken center stage.  The year was not all lost on the built environment, and to miss, some of the key events risk …

The Future of Coordination

For years 3D coordination was the province of Autodesk Navisworks for AEC professionals. It still is in some cases but new workflows and collaboration platforms to make communication easier are …

The Coming Automation of Retail Brick and Mortar

At VIATechnik, we are starting to see elements of the brick-and-mortar store of the future, operating today. Clients using reality capture as the foundation of the digital twin of the …

BIM for Facilities Management Only Works With Good Data

While the gateway for Smart Buildings might be through using BIM for facility management or operations, it too has struggled to gain widespread implementation despite the high level of interest …

Disrupt Yourself – Disrupting the Construction Industry from the Inside

What if the future looked like a democratized and trustworthy data set that even non-professionals could access and manipulate? The most sophisticated simulation tools are only as good as the …

14 Technologies Disrupting the Construction Industry

The Construction Industry’s technology adoption continues to change rapidly. Today no industry seems to be introducing disruptive new technologies faster than construction. Whether as small as a boutique hotel or …

Women Speak Out for Inclusion, Leadership, Diversity, Allyship

Women have made great strides in pursuing careers and leadership roles in construction, but there’s more that can be done to boost their numbers in the industry and ensure they …

Seeing the Possibilities: Integrated Workflows of Algorithmic Modeling and Real-Time Rendering

The integration of algorithmic modeling and real-time rendering opens the door to innovative ways of creating, visualizing, and evaluating design choices in Unity Reflect  The pace and complexity of today’s …

Seeing the Possibilities: Integrated Workflows of Algorithmic Modeling and Real-Time Rendering
Accelerating AEC Innovation in a Post-COVID World

About The Event Over the last few months, we’ve witnessed the global pandemic change the way people live, work, and interact with each other. It has forced the acceleration …

Generative Design Helps Quebec Wood Export Bureau Plan, Ship Multi-Use Disaster Shelters

VIATechnik’s generative system creates different versions of shelters for disaster relief Chicago-based virtual design and construction consultant VIATechnik was already working with the Quebec Wood Export Bureau in March on …

Touching Base: Effective remote collaboration in the construction industry

No one is reading this from their office—at least not from the office, they’re used to. Recent events have compelled the AEC industry to adopt work-from-home remote workflows almost overnight; …

Contractors increasingly involved in shaping blueprints through Generative Design practices

Contractors have been edging their way into the design process for some time now. The increasing trend toward more design-build, integrated project delivery and other collaborative methods have brought contractors …

Advancing Prefab 2020

This past February, I had the opportunity to chair the session on Design and Planning at the Advancing Prefab 2020, in Dallas, Texas. During this event, a wide variety of …

Automatic Verification of Facilities Management Handover Building Information Models

ABSTRACT Although Building Information Models (BIM) are increasingly recognized as a compelling tool for project delivery, the challenges of seamless model validation and the transition of BIM data to FM …

Xcode and Android Studio — Everything I wish I knew before building my first mobile app

5 min read Introduction How do I choose the right developer tools for my app project? Should I start with Android or iOS first? Is it necessary to prototype the app? …

Electrical prefabrication within BIM

7 min read Introduction For the last few years I’ve been working in the electrical prefabrication environment on a specific task: automatic spool-sheet and shop drawing generation, packaging labels printing, the …

Women In Construction Week 2020

During this Women in Construction Week, we shine a spotlight on 17 female leaders in design, construction and real estate to spur an important conversation of diversity, inclusion, and empowerment. …

Do judge a building by its model

The importance of model-based design reviews for project success. Construction is a risky business. The sheer amount of capital required for each project means that a single failure can pose …

Welcome to VIATechnik: Shyam Telikicherla & Alex Tanguay

As methods of construction and building become more advanced, sophisticated approaches of how we design and construct buildings become more important in today’s projects. Assembling components off-site are transforming today’s …

VIATechnik and UNIFI Team Up to Help AEC Industry Leverage UNIFI APIs for Custom Software Development

Chicago, IL, December 2019 – VIATechnik is pleased to announce a new partnership with UNIFI, the global leader in cloud-based BIM content and data management. As more sophisticated digital technologies …

Danielle Dy Buncio, CEO of VIATechnik, joins Stanford Real Estate Council

CHICAGO, Illi., Sep. 23, 2019 /VIATechnik/ — Danielle Dy Buncio, Co-founder and CEO of VIATechnik, a construction technology firm disrupting the AEC industry through innovative VDC consulting, implementation and education, …

Enabling Automation in The Built Environment

Enabling Automation in the Built Environment The building and construction industry is primed for automation. The automatic manufacturing of the “stuff” of a building – the parts and pieces that …

The Construction Industry Has a Problem, and Women are Going to Solve It

The 8-trillion-dollar construction industry has a major problem. Simply put, we do not have enough people to meet construction demands worldwide. A study by Autodesk and the Associated General Contractors …

The epic rise of industrialized construction

Experts project that prefabrication and modular construction will total $209 billion by the end of the decade. The construction industry is facing colliding forces that render our current trajectory wasteful, …

Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial

If you’re using Unreal Engine 4 to improve your scenes, you know the program can feel a bit like a maze. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. Thanks …

How VIATechnik is Promoting Mass Timber Construction with BIM

The world’s population is booming. According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, urban areas will welcome 2.5 billion new residents by 2050. In addition to requiring …

Gehry’s CATIA in the Age of Computational Design

How On Earth Would You Build That? When the Canadian-born American architect Frank Gehry designed Peix—the fish-shaped sculpture commissioned for Barcelona when it hosted the 1992 Olympics—his team had to …

Prefab and VDC are a match made in heaven

Why you should embrace prefab and VDC, and how it could save the industry’s future When it comes to using prefabrication technology in the industry, we’re facing the same issues …

Here’s how a video game design software can help create realistic lighting in renderings, and why it matters

We’ve all seen them–project renderings where lighting violates natural law, in which buildings look as if they’re lit by bioluminescent alien plants from James Cameron’s Avatar viewed through a hazy, …

VIATechnik optimizes construction project collaboration, efficiency with dRofus partnership

VIATechnik’s new partnership with dRofus set to accelerate AEC industry adoption of a common data environment.   Virtual design and construction services firm VIATechnik is now an implementation partner of …

Disrupt the Construction Industry Through Pre-Fab, BIM, and AI

How prefab, artificial intelligence, and BIM can solve the labor shortage and productivity plateau The construction industry is ripe for disruption – at most conferences around construction technology, this is …

Digital Transformation Leader in AEC industry | BIM, Virtual Design & Construction, VR, AR & Digital Twin
VIATechnik expands, bringing its game-changing, diverse team westward

Physical presence allows firm’s highly skilled team to provide hyperlocal, tailored services to complex AEC projects across the country Chicago-based VIATechnik, a specialist in virtual design and construction, is expanding …

Building for Billions: The Unparalleled Value of Construction Tech in China

China’s AEC industry is stepping into the 21st century — and VIATechnik is playing a major role in guiding the transition.

A Conversation with the Lamar Johnson Collaborative on Technology and the Future of AEC

The Lamar Johnson Collaborative may only be five months old, but it’s run by a group of industry veterans with some big ideas about the future of AEC.

Team Spotlight: Geoff Hoffman

From professional baseball stadiums to groundbreaking factories, Geoff Hoffman’s AEC tech expertise has helped bring many breathtaking buildings to life.

How VIATechnik and Matterport Helped Bulley & Andrews Maximize Project Visibility

VIATechnik’s use of the Matterport’s visualization hardware helped a major retailer and construction firm Bulley & Andrews review construction progress holistically and with relative ease.

Boosting Construction ROI with Prefabrication

Prefabrication and modular construction have the potential to streamline the way construction professionals erect buildings — and increase overall project ROI.

Emerging Trends in Sustainable Construction

As construction continues to expand, contractors (and other stakeholders) must figure out ways to reduce their industry’s detrimental impact on the environment.

How Architects Lost Control of the Design Process…and How They Can Get it Back

Building projects are becoming more complex, which is making it increasingly difficult for architects to maintain control over their initial vision.

As Buildings Soar to New Heights, AEC Processes Remain Grounded

Tech innovation in AEC is advancing at breakneck speed — but the industry is falling behind the curve.

Project Spotlight: Miami Marine Stadium

Miami’s historic Marine Stadium has sat unused for 25 years, but revitalization efforts are finally underway.

5 Game-Changing Software Plugins for BIM Engineers

What’s in your VDC toolbox? These five BIM plugins will help take your productivity to the next level.

Team Spotlight: Gregg Young

With over three decades of experience in the commercial real estate sector, Gregg Young brings an unparalleled depth of investor-side knowledge to the VIATechnik team.

Evaluating The State of Construction Tech Adoption in 2017

Construction is among the least-digitized industries, a shortcoming that has played a major role in the industry’s productivity gap. Fortunately, the tide may finally be turning.

9 Tips for Making Your Firm’s Transition to BIM as Smooth as Possible

Building information modeling (BIM) is becoming increasingly popular, but deciding to make the switch is only the first step toward effective BIM use.

Using Smart Building Data to Make Buildings Even Smarter

When architects take a more data-driven approach, building performance and efficiency can go through the roof.

Mixed Reality and AEC: A Match Made in Heaven?

Mixed reality technologies enable AEC firms to leverage their growing data streams into increased construction worksite efficiency.

How VDC Technologies Help Architects and Engineers “Play Nice”

When it comes to building design, architects and engineers don’t always see eye-to-eye.

7 Ways Virtual Reality is Making Life Easier for Architects

Virtual reality is redefining the architectural design process — here’s how.

How Data-Driven Simulations Improve Building Performance

Data-driven simulations allow multiple stakeholders to contribute to a design and ultimately improve a building’s future performance.

How VR Helps Architects Enhance Project Pitches

Virtual reality has the potential to transform the AEC industry in many ways, but one of the most notable is its capacity to completely redefine how architects pitch their designs.

Is Construction’s Stagnant Productivity an Employer Branding Issue?

Fixing the construction industry’s stagnant productivity will require cutting-edge technology, but firms are struggling to attract workers with the skills to use it.

Team Spotlight: Pelin Gultekin-Bicer

From Penn State and Bradley University to VIATechnik and NASA, Pelin Gultekin-Bicer has turned her passion for innovation into an impressive career.

Massport Brings VIATechnik and Tocci On Board to Help Guide its VDC Program into the Future

Massport is teaming up with BIM and VDC leaders to develop highly efficient, sustainable, and value-driven construction processes.

4 Technologies Poised to Disrupt the Construction Industry

Advances in technology are increasing safety, decreasing costs, and allowing for more innovation in the construction industry.

Maximizing AEC Design Efficiency with ClashMEP

Clash detection just got a whole lot easier, thanks to ClashMEP.

Retail Construction is a Difficult Business — But it Doesn’t Have to Be

Retail construction presents a number of significant challenges — here’s how innovative AEC technology can help.

How Far away is Construction’s Automated Future?

Robots, drones, and 3D printers aren’t going to replace human construction workers anytime soon — but they will help improve project efficiency and safety.

What Does the “I” in BIM Really Mean?

When AEC professionals talk about BIM, they tend to underemphasize one of its most important benefits.

How Virtual and Augmented Reality Will Impact the Future of Construction

An industry that’s been notoriously slow to accept technological change has become an early adopter of two of the most advanced technologies in existence.

Calculating the Real Value of Virtual Design and Construction Technologies

The AEC industry has been rather slow on the uptake when it comes to cutting-edge digital technologies, in part because there is significant confusion over how to assess the ROI.

Buildings Are Getting More Complex — Can Construction Keep Up?

As the materials and technologies in modern buildings continue to advance, our design and construction methods have fallen behind the curve.

What is Building Information Modeling and How Can It Help?

BIM is emerging as a new best practice for the construction industry — here’s why.

What Is ClashMEP and How Is It Improving Our Coordination

Image: BuildingSP, ClashMEP   To build off of our collaboration with Building System Planning, Inc. (BuildingSP), we’ve started working with a new intelligent tool called ClashMEP. This is a real-time …

Procore Groundbreak 2017: VIATechnik Recap

Last week, the VIATechnik team headed down south to Austin, Texas where we attended the 2017 Groundbreak Conference, hosted by Procore. From prominent and inspiring keynote speakers, to a surprise throwback performance …

Women in Construction Week: Ava Norton

With her own advice in mind, Norton successfully leads the implementation, employee training, and support of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and VDC nationally for Clark Construction Group.

Women in Construction Week: Jennifer Suerth

Jennifer Suerth is what you would call a “champion of change” – whether she’s adding to her distinct professional skill set, or she’s incorporating new technologies and processes onto her construction projects. Jennifer is …

Women in Construction Week: Megan Conrad

We spoke to Megan Conrad, who is a Virtual Design Coordinator (VDC) at Ryan Companies. Conrad is an agent of change, and she deals firsthand with the disruptive nature of …

Women in Construction Week: Rachel Attebery

We spoke to Rachel Attebery, who this year was named as a 2017 ENR Top 20 under 40 Young Professional. Attebery is a champion for women in engineering and construction. …

What Facility Expansions Are Hospitals Investing in and Why?

All across America, hospitals are expanding their facilities to accommodate new and existing patients, aging populations, and outdated infrastructure. Many healthcare facilities are also adopting a spirit of collaboration and …

Coolest Amphitheaters in the World for Architecture & Design

Amphitheaters are freestanding buildings that are usually round or oval in shape, have a central area, and seats that surround it. In Greek, the word means theater with seats on …

Public Universities Making Big Investments in New Facilities

It’s no secret that modern and luxurious buildings make college campuses more attractive to prospective and current students, alumni, and donors. Universities aren’t just places for classrooms and dormitories these …


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