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Our professional group at VIATechnik has years of combined experience working with the latest in innovative technologies to connect the best solutions for our clients. Our organization was founded by two Stanford Engineering graduates who ensure that the dedication and focus of highly qualified professionals work to find the best solutions for every client.

The highest goal that our organization strives to accomplish for each of our clients is to encompass value in all domains of project development. Our team understands that each client has unique requirements for not only cost, but materials and scheduling needs as well. Expertise matched with the best practices and latest in innovative technology delivers value to your build.

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Aecosim Model

Aecosim Model

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BIM Model


Our team at VIATechnik can complete a high quality AECOSIM model for successful implementation of your project. This application provides the interdisciplinary areas of Architectural Engineering, Construction, and Operations the simulation software, analysis and tools for interdisciplinary building design – including vital documentation and information modeling for use between all domains. Our group of Engineers, Consultants and Developers have years of combined experience working to find solutions in project development for clients including creating our highly accurate AECOSIM models. The team at VIATechnik has worked to develop projects for industries including oil & gas, government, real estate development, retail, and healthcare. The dedicated professionals are matched to your unique project based on expertise to create the best solutions for your project requirements. VIATechnik is passionate about the full realm of project creation and development. Our team can assist in project development by providing estimating services, project administration, and manpower services in addition to our CAD services. Our portfolio demonstrates the talent of the highly skilled professionals who will work to find the best, most cost effective solutions in all domains of project development.

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