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The experienced minds at VIATechnik have years of in-depth experience developing BIM capabilities for our clients. Our innovative team can work with you to transform your project drawings and plans into a highly organized, accurate reference for all of the professionals interacting to make your project goals a reality.

The skilled team here at VIATechnik has a commitment to be the competitive choice for the cost and quality for your project development. We understand the importance of communication with you and we make your goals a priority in order to create the best plan for you in keeping with the unique details of your project.

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BIM Execution Plan

BIM Execution Plan

BIM Development

BIM Development

BIM Execution Plan Development

The focused minds at VIATechnik will create a BIM Execution plan that weaves all of the unique variables and needs that you have. Our organization uses project management control software to deliver the correct execution plan you need to make your project a success. The project management teams at VIATechnik have years of combined experience working on plan development and delivering solutions to our clients. We have the passion for quality that reflects in our portfolio of finished, successful projects including infrastructure, projects for oil & gas, providing services for the government, real estate, and commercial development projects. VIATechnik began with the passionate vision of two Stanford engineering graduates who guide the success of every project our team begins. Your BIM Execution plan will be developed by professionals who have high expertise in their field to deliver the finished project that you require. And because we seek to remain competitive, we keep your budget, time, and resources in mind as well. We understand the details in not just the planning stages but all through the development process. We can assist you with sourcing manpower services, project administration, construction estimation, and any CAD services that your project requires.

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