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BIM Outsourcing

BIM Outsourcing Company
Our experienced BIM Outsourcing Company has many combined years of experience on Revit and Bentley. We can transform drawings, plans, blueprints, and PDF files into a true BIM model with rich details and clean layers and references.

Precise Attention to Detail
Most architects, engineers, and contractors have very precise specifications – we deliver a final product that is dimensionally accurate and layered in accurate and true BIM model. The various systems are kept on separate families.

Affordable and Efficient
VIATechnik is committed to meeting your deadlines and being an affordable service. We are fast, experienced, and priced competitively.

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BIM Outsourcing

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BIM Modeling on CAD

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The creation of a Building Information Model requires expertise, ingenuity, and a precise attention to detail.  Our experienced BIM Outsourcing Company has many combined years of experience on Revit and Bentley.  We can transform your drawings, plans, blueprints and PDF files into a true BIM model with rich details, clean layers and references.

Add Value Now and in the Future

VIATechnik BIM Outsourcing will ultimately save you time and money, now and in the future, by allowing you to avoid costly design errors while creating improved productivity throughout the building process.  Various systems are kept on separate families to further facilitate ease of planning and trouble shooting.  Engineers, general contractors and developers rely on us to create a precise Revit and Bentley 3-D model for their projects.  Down the line, the return on the investment you’ve made in a BIM model cannot be overstated; it will allow you to quickly make informed decisions, give you a clear overall vision of your project, and reduce waste and inefficiency.

On Time and On Budget

Every project, large or small, has parameters, and we understand that.  You will find our pricing structure to be fair and competitive, and we deliver on-time, every time.

A Team You Can Trust

VIATechnik was established by Stanford University engineering graduates.  Although we are based in Chicago, our reach extends across the country, from Washington, DC to California, Ohio to Hawaii. Our highly educated BIM Outsourcing team has experience across a broad range of projects, including government facilities, mining structures, oil platforms, commercial establishments and infrastructure.

We place equal focus on our people and on technology to create the perfect team for your project, whether you are an architect, general contractor or engineer.  We are focused on results and have a passion for perfection.  Your project deserves nothing less.

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