BIM Services – What is it and why is it valuable?

What is BIM Services?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) software has gained popularity over the past several years as the new standard for the design, documentation, and execution of construction projects. Combining intricate building data with the project’s design elements, BIM enables architects, designers, engineers, and other consultants to create a completely digital and robustly intelligent model of the project before the planning phase is complete

 – in fact, BIM services are not only performed prior to construction but the detailed models are adjusted and revised throughout the construction process in order to maintain an exact, precise representation of the physical structure. BIM services now play an integral role in various projects and enable more accurate, ‘constructable’, and user-oriented buildings to be built.

What Is BIM Used for?

BIM services are provided in order for owners, developers, and stakeholders to review new projects with unprecedented detail. Aside from capturing the physical building design, BIM services provide the ability to evaluate potential design options.. More than just architectural model visualization, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, fire protection systems, and more can also be tested and analyzed to ensure that the building will meet the needs of its occupants and provide the appropriate functionality, safety features, and compatibility for general daily operation.

It may seem that BIM is focused more on providing the basis for actual construction, but it doesn’t end there. By engaging a provider for BIM services, various projects can be executed more efficiently and without the excess costs associated with material waste, scheduling issues, and other negative elements that are common with construction. When BIM services are performed, these inefficiencies are flushed out and corrected before breaking ground so that the project can be executed with tighter timelines and less waste.

What Are Included in BIM Services?

BIM services can be tailored to meet the needs of the client, but always include a comprehensive digital representation of the project in 3D form. From there, data built into the model can be used to generate material take-offs, budget line items, schedule data, and more that can help projects run far more smoothly than with traditional building processes.. Other services that can be applied include 4D construction scheduling and site logistics, 5D cost monitoring and procurement management, MEP modeling, 3D as-built drawings and related documentation, as well as clash detection and risk mitigation.

How VIATechnik’s BIM Services Lead the Competition

Working with VIATechnik enables you to achieve constructability and data integrity verification. Our BIM services focus on design feasibility, constructability, and data cleanliness so that your project can be fully vetted prior to breaking ground. Our team of architects, engineers, and designers have worked on over 2,000 projects globally and are able to optimize projects efficiently in order to produce enhanced results. If you’re interested in working with an award-winning team that has helped to push the industry forward, use our BIM services for your next project. Contact us today to find out more.

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