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What a Trumpified White House Would Look Like

Jenna Martin
Apr 26


What a trumpified white house would look like

Donald Trump’s presidential polls in a general election matchup may not be stellar now, but he remains the favorite to win the Republican nomination, so it’s important to start taking him a bit more seriously.

Let’s say it happens: Trump wins the 2016 presidential campaign and takes office in 2017. What happens then? We put together a crack team of designers and politicos to imagine just that.

Inside the White House Under a Donald Trump Presidency

Every president puts their personal touch on the White House. However, no president in the past has ever had quite the personal touch of Donald Trump. Here’s how we imagine he might change the White House to suit his unique style.

A Trump Oval Office

The Obama oval office is fairly clean and straightforward with subtle wallpaper and red accents. But not for long. Trump’s version draws on his decades of experience building some of the most outlandish buildings to ever grace a skyline. Is it classy? That’s up to you to decide.

Unsurprisingly, Trump has gone big on gold. Nearly everything in the oval here has some kind of gold accent. Couches? Gold. Doorframes? Gold. The presidential chair? Nothing but gold. Then there’s the monogram. It seems unlikely Trump would suddenly abandon his longstanding history of personal branding, so we’ve imagined a bold T to let you know whose office this is.

As for the nude, make of it what you will.

A Trump Briefing Room

As with most presidents, Trump will likely have a somewhat contentious relationship with the media. The White House briefing room is the place where those relationships come together, where the president and the press meet and clash. So Trump would likely want to make a real statement here.

That statement can be summarized in one word: classy. Corinthian columns and even more gold than the Oval Office scream, “This is a respected institution representing the richest and best country in the world, don’t you forget it.”

A Trump State Dining Room

You can almost imagine Vladimir Putin taking a look and nodding his head in approval. After all, even a Donald Trump White House can’t compare to the Kremlin’s over-the-top gold accents. But the Donald Trump state dining room certainly does its best to be worthy of an old imperial capital.

The new version has all the colors appearing richer, in both tone and implications of wealth, than anything the Obama White House ever had. Then the subtle floral arrangements are tossed out in favor of bold red roses. Nothing left to the imagination here.

The List Goes On

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The White House has plenty more rooms to decorate and we have many more months to imagine how Trump and his wife might personalize them. What do you imagine would change? Do you think we went too far or not far enough? Let us know and be sure to give us a share.


Jenna Martin
Apr 26



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