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How VIATechnik’s Cirrus Studio is Different

We Understand the Built Environment


Our origins come from the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. We have lived through the processes of design all the way to facilities turnover.  This is our world.

User Centric


We believe in designing for our users and customers. We build software and tools that users love and enjoy using, with every detail meticulously crafted for the user experience.

Engineers in mind, artists
at heart


Through our software development approach, we balance the need for hard problem engineering and human-centric design interfaces. Our products run on efficiency and artistry.

Who We Craft Great Software For



Programmatic Design
In Seconds

Imagine obtaining a 5X return on investment from design team time alone. Utilizing algorithms that crunch through data-driven design constraints, our Cirrus Studio has worked with leading retailers, developers, and strategic owners to create optimized buildings and facilities every single time.  The design tools we build are based on hours of research and discovery with the client stakeholders and heavily customized to each client's unique needs.  Once the tool is built, our design kit is able to provide optimized designs for a unique footprints allowing our clients to scale their designs quickly across an entire portfolio or opportunity matrix.

Machine Learning

Real Estate Portfolio

Large real estate owners typically work with a mixture of structured and unstructured data sets, and have challenges dealing with 'anecdotal' experience which may go against the data-driven needs of the organization.  Sifting through these large data sets can be a challenge - and something the engineering team at VIATechnik thrives on. Utilizing proprietary algorithms, our team can build a better understanding of the data, and consequently build solutions that optimize projects based on the unique client data set.  In conjunction with Generative Design tools, VIATechnik's solutions provide owners with highly optimized models built to guide design and construction teams.



Rapid-fire Models into
Virtual Reality

Our team has built integrations across the spectrum of AEC software - allowing our clients to realize the full potential of tools optimized for specific workflows.  Our clients should never have to choose from keeping their data in siloed software or modifying their workflows to meet software compatibility - we can maintain client processes through custom software integrations. We have built integrations between Autodesk, Bentley, and Trimble among others. Integrating design tools such as Revit to Unreal helps teams achieve high fidelity visuals direct from the design platform.  Or linking Rhino to Tekla provides teams with the opportunity to detail complex infrastructure designs.


Insight Driven

The built environment generates a tremendous amount of data throughout the lifecycle of the facility and owners require tools to synthesize the data and take action on that insight. Through our goal of delivering our clients insight, our engineers focus on sifting through large data sets and extracting information where it matters. Our dashboards link various tools to digital twins - allowing owners to create trusted data sets and a true single source of truth.  Imagine what a centralized, validated, single data source can do for your organization.

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Our mission is to drive better alignment and collaboration between the people and process through the software we build - a complex integration required for the built environment.

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