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VIATechnik provides CPM scheduling expertise for your jobs. The critical path method (CPM) is a project modeling algorithm that can be used in several domains to aid in timely, focused completion of your project.

CPM allows our team to determine how different stages of planning affect your project’s overall flow to completion. Our passionate professionals can then identify where additional resources are required to reach your project goals.

Our experienced team utilizes CPM to create project plans and to address any changes in the CPM along the way. We have the flexibility required to complete your unique project and find solutions for the challenges that may arise.

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CPM Scheduling Consultants

CPM Scheduling Consultants

CPM Outsourcing Service

CPM Outsourcing Service

CPM Scheduling for your Project Goals

The use of CPM in modeling a project includes:

  • Listing the essential activities to complete your project
  • Estimating the duration of each activity
  • Identifying dependencies that exist between each successive activity
  • Determining logical milestones and endpoints

The CPM scheduling technique used by our team of professionals at VIATechnik can be applied to create a solid project management plan for the construction, engineering, and/or maintenance elements of your project.

The model created will reveal the activities that must be prioritized for the project to stay on task successfully and our experienced team can identify and implement adjustments when needed. Experience shows us that when we intervene quickly to adjust the CPM when changes do arise, the project path stays on task for the goal of the project completion.

Planning for resources and time management also will be integrated in a way that contributes to the overall quality of work – each aspect is integrated in such a way that neither is stressed at the expense of the whole. Your project will stay on a steady trajectory towards completion with CPM scheduling.

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