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Curtain Wall Estimating

Our team at VIATechnik understands that remaining cost competitive is just one of the ways to add value to your project. Your project has unique requirements in scheduling needs, resources, and manpower, and our group can take into considerations your specific goals to create the best solutions leading to a highly successful finished project.

The professional group at VIATechnik has years of combined experience working on successful projects in a wide variety of industries. Our attention to detail, accuracy, and overall quality is a top priority here. We ensure that your project receives focused attention to find the best solutions for a high quality finished project.

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Curtain Wall Estimating

Curtain Wall Estimating

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Curtain Wall Estimating

Our team can create highly accurate curtain wall estimating based on your unique structure. Our dedicated professionals can aid in allowing you to plan resources, manpower, and materials correctly from the beginning of your project which increases productivity and cost effectiveness in the long run. This nonstructural addition to your developing build can be a major benefit to add value in the finished project. Making the best use of natural light, keeping unwanted elements out, and acting to benefit occupants by resisting incoming air and water are all reasons to include this choice to increase the potential value in your overall project goals. Your curtain wall estimating is completed by our experienced team who has passion in finding solutions and creating the best cost effective plans in every project. Our experience is versatile and ranges from finding solutions for the retail industry, real estate development, oil & gas, and work for the federal government. Our teams have an understanding of the different phases of project creation and we are able to help you find solutions in not only estimating, but project administration, manpower services, and CAD as well.

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