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Curtain Wall Shop Drawings

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The professionals at VIATechnik have the experience needed to create the curtain wall shop drawing that you require for your building project. We listen clearly to your particular goals and we communicate clearly with you to understand your options.

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Our team at VIATechnik is comprised of highly driven professionals and we seek to be the best choice in value in regards to turnaround time, price, and creating a finished project our clients are satisfied with the first time.

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Attention to detail is the cornerstone of any successful project. From accuracy in measurements, to ensuring we understand your project goals.

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Curtain Wall Shop Drawings

Curtain Wall Shop Drawings

Glazing Shop Drawings

Glazing Shop Drawings

Benefits of Curtain Wall

When clients are in the planning stages, the goal of creating a curtain wall shop drawing is to provide a rich, detailed visual display of the potential benefits of adding a curtain wall design to the finished project. Our team at VIATechnik has gained experience serving architects, designers, developers, contractors, and engineers and we are proud to be a part of creating innovative structures – structures that can withstand environmental stressors and take advantage of the benefits in the environment at the same time. A curtain wall can benefit in many ways:

  • This nonstructural addition keeps unwanted elements out while keeping occupants protected.
  • A curtain wall is meant to resist incoming air and water infiltration.
  • Natural light can reach farther into the interior of the building when glass is used.
  • A curtain wall can take advantage of thermal efficiency.
  • It is important to note that a curtain wall is designed to span many floors and can also act as a cosmetically pleasing attribute for the finished building design.

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