Electrical BIM Coordination

Electrical BIM Coordination

Electrical BIM Coordination Experts
We are experts in a range of AEC specialties and BIM applications, including ones for the electrical industry. Our team has significant experience working with electrical contractors how on BIM in the planning and fabrication phases of a job.

Specialized Focus

There is a lot of potential electrical contractors working with BIM, and this is where the future of construction is headed. Promising benefits include reduced rework, greater safety, ability to control costs, and pre-fabrication. We will help you put together an ideal model to suit your business.

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Our Electrical BIM Coordination Services

VIATechnik is an established engineering consulting organization that provides modeling services to Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, and Developers.

With 3D, real-time, and dynamic modeling software, we prioritize data sharing to improve upon traditional design and construction processes. Here are a few ways that our electrical BIM coordination services can save electrical contractors time and money:

  • Better overall project coordination
  • Faster pace to completion
  • Ability to anticipate potential issues before they are realized in the field
  • Organized tasks and schedules in a central location
  • Pre-fabrication

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