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Geospatial Tagging Outsourcing

Quick and Affordable
VIATechnik can help you reduce costs on your project by utilizing our affordable team to work on your geospatial tagging needs. Our team of geospatial analysts are quick and costs less than half of an in-house team.

Project Experience
Our team has geotagged various infrastructure projects and has assisted engineers, general contractors, and subcontractors on their projects. From large scale highway designs to subterranean railway projects – trust us to get your work done.

Precise and Accurate
Our analysts encode information using the latest ortho-digital images along with geospatial coordinates to ensure an accurate tag.

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Geotagging Experts

Geotagging Experts

Geotagging information

Geotagging information

Geospatial Tagging Outsourced Services

Our Geospatial Tagging service is used in conjunction with Bentley’s ProjectWise. We understand that your project’s databse of collected information from environmental, physical, and outreach information will need to be tagged. Our team will attach the attribute data to corresponding features where appropriate to provide qualitative descriptions in addition to the location information of the feature. Our GeoTechnik+ service will manage information by indexing the relevant meta data to a geospatial management map interface. This will allow information to remain in its original form where it can be found, viewed, and edited. Through this service, you can allow real time sharing of data with project team members. Trust VIATechnik to help with your complex projects. Our team at VIATechnik includes Stanford engineering graduates as well as others who have years of experience working on different stages of project development. We are ready to get affordable geospatial analysts to work on your job.

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