Is BIM The Same As Revit?

Many people commonly place Revit and BIM in the same category, where BIM = Revit, and vice versa. However, the concept of BIM vs. Revit is moot. Building Information Modeling (BIM) refers to the process of intelligent 3D modeling that aids in the initial planning and design of a commercial building or civil infrastructure, the physical construction phase, as well as management on a post-construction basis. Revit is simply an example of a BIM platform that is used in the creation of BIM models.

What is Revit?

Revit is utilized by architects, engineers, designers, and contractors to capture all of the intricate and minute details of a construction project into a singular 3D model where building data can be stored to manage data across the project lifecycle. It serves as a platform for which BIM models can be conceptualized and altered for peak performance, and the ability to create such detailed virtual models offers a level of enhanced collaboration that can reduce common issues during the construction phase. Revit has built-in tools that allow data to be captured and stored within the model in an effort to support BIM which can eliminate excess labor and unnecessary delays, bring down project costs, and resolve potential on-site conflicts before they occur.

What is BIM?

Revit may sound like BIM in a number of ways, but the distinction is important. BIM is the digital process in which a building or infrastructure is represented virtually as a 3D model alongside its data. In a sense, Revit represents a specific vehicle, and BIM represents the act of driving. BIM is a resource for shared information that is widely used in the construction industry as it enables decisions to be made in advance – decisions that affect the entire lifecycle of the building.

BIM vs. Revit: Which is Better?

Neither BIM nor Revit is better, as they are not synonymous. Autodesk created Revit software in order to support BIM, but it does not replace it. In order to collect and store information for any given project, BIM must rely on different software so that data can be combined and integrated to produce a fully functioning 3D model. Revit is just one example of BIM software that designers use to create BIM models, albeit perhaps the most popular platform. Revit is able to combine architecture, structural, and mechanical elements into an immensely data-rich 3D model, and its capabilities are respected across multiple industries.

VIATechnik’s Building Information Modeling Services

At VIATechnik, we focus on providing our customers with comprehensive BIM solutions. From 3D BIM modeling to 4D scheduling, 5D cost estimation, and more, our team works with building owners, designers, and contractors to develop BIM strategies and implement BIM on various real estate portfolios. We have worked on over 2000 projects and helped to tighten project timelines, reduce material waste, and eliminate risks, and are equipped to help you launch your next project with the support required for success. In an effort to tailor our services to each specific project, we use Revit as well as other leading software programs to provide the best support for any circumstance. If you’re ready to embark on your next big project, VIATechnik can help. Contact us today to discuss details and discover how BIM can improve how you erect buildings and other infrastructure.

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