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LEED Implementation Plan Experts

Our LEED team at VIATechnik will guide and track your project to remain consistent with the LEED implementation plan that is required for LEED Certification. With efficient software matched with our team, the sustainability goals will be reached successfully.

Clear goals and communication means a project that flows smoothly with accurate results. Our team works to establish and clarify goals and priorities in the LEED plan.

The team at VIATechnik is highly skilled to serve the engineering, architectural, and construction domains of your project. We are focused on creating the LEED implementation plan that delivers the results you need.

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LEED Implementation Plan

LEED Implementation Plan

LEED Coordination Plan

LEED Coordination Plan

Five Facets to the LEED Implementation Plan

  • The foundation of the LEED implantation plan is laid with the LEED Checklist. The project team will track credits with the requirements needed to become LEED certified. We also are focused on the individual expectations that our clients have and we will align the process to these goals as well.
  • Keeping seamless communication flowing is important, which is why your LEED implementation plan includes all the contact information of all pertinent members of team and staff involved in your project.
  • Keeping records of all documentation is of upmost importance to a LEED project. The contractual obligations will be recorded and clarified in accordance with the particular commissioning credit that is required for the project.
  • Clarifying the details in your project plan is intrinsic to the accuracy of the technical sections applicable to the LEED credit such as the indoor air quality management plan, the measurement and verification plan, as well as the owner’s project requirements.
  • The experienced professionals working on the team to complete your project will also plan for cumulative aspects including materials, total credits, as well as feasibility of the project within the set parameters set by our clients. We use leading software to integrate all the goals seamlessly among the engineers and contractors for clear design and construction expectations to deliver your LEED implementation plan successfully.


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