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On-Screen Take-Off Estimating

On-Screen Takeoff Estimating

With an extensive experience in reading plans, our skilled team of estimators is able to rapidly estimate quantities using On-Screen Take-off.

Extreme Attention to Detail
Almost all our clients have very precise specifications. To meet them all, we have stringent standards that ensure that the utmost attention is being paid to every detail. No matter who our clients work with – the Federal Government or a real estate developer,- our customers can trust us to meet all the owner’s specifications.

VIATechnik is committed to affordable results for our clients. We are fast, experienced, and priced competitively.

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Drafted MEP Systems

Accurate Quantity Take-Offs

Quantity Take-Offs

OST Quantity Take-Offs

Get it Right the First Time

Our highly experienced team of take-off estimators is able to read plans and convert them into budget-ready, reliable take-off estimates. Though you might feel tempted to tackle the take-off estimate yourself, there are some aspects that you should take into consideration before doing so. Are you ready to risk missing some important aspect that an experienced estimator would not, thus potentially causing your company or client to lose money or maybe under-price a bid? If you entrust your take-off estimate to the VIATechnik professionals, you will make sure to get it all right the first time.

Our experienced team of take-off estimators fully understand that time is crucial, especially when you are trying hard to pull a bid together. We not only focus on all details, but also on the clock. Because the sooner you get the numbers, the sooner you will be able to do what you are best at: building.

If you take the time to have a look at our projects portfolio, you will be able to see a remarkable array of take-off estimates for extremely varied uses. To name just a few: the Riverwalk in Chicago, IL and several commercial and institutional projects in California, or a creek restoration and dam removal project in Elburn. Some of these estimates had extremely tight turn-around times, with one of them being delivered over a holiday weekend. All these diverse projects needed estimating with a wide variety of materials, ranging from concrete caps and sheet pile wall to excavation work and varying stone ripraps.

As soon as your take-off estimate is ready, allow VIATechnik to take your project from a vision to reality with AutoCAD drafting, Primavera scheduling, BIM consulting, and LEED consulting. Based in Chicago, our engineering firm has coast-to-coast experience.

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