COVID impact research study

Learn what AEC firms are saying about the transition to a Post-COVID work environment

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Learn how the pandemic has been a catalyst for further change and is bringing about investments in technology, people, and process.

The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic in the first quarter of 2020 has certainly presented its share of challenges to the AECO industry. This research study seeks to provide meaningful information and a clear perspective on the effects of the pandemic on the AECO industry and the potential futures AECO firms will be facing moving forward.

What's inside the AECO and The Post-Covid Environment Research Study?

Effects on AECO Firms

The impact of covid on  revenue and projects and how firms responded in the first months.

How AECO Firms Adapted

The transitioning period and the role digital tools played in a work from home environment.

Perspectives on the New Normal

AECO firms on their survivability, adaptability, abd productivity in a post covid AECO industry.