Virtual Design & Construction Projects at VIATechnik

Virtual Design and Construction Projects

VIATechnik works on landmark Virtual Design and Construction projects across North America. We utilize the latest BIM tools to effectively deliver a range of projects, from virtual reality to point cloud to BIM. Our highly experienced and dedicated team has the experience to transform your jobs.

Hospital Cryogenic Laboratory

hospital laboratory BIM

Hospital Laboratory | Los Angeles, CA – Our modeling team converted a laser scan of a large hospital facility into an intelligent BIM model. We modeled the scan to reflect the as-built conditions of the site, including pipe supports, MEP, lighting and structural components. The job was completed on time and within our client’s budget.

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Rooftop Garden

rooftop garden rendering

Rooftop Garden | San Francisco, CA – For this brand new transportation hub, our team was responsible for modeling and coordinating a five-acre rooftop garden. Model elements included concrete pads and foundations, rebar, irrigation systems, piping, planters, and a custom fountain system. VIATechnik developed coordination and penetration drawings, as well as helped create GPS point layout models for construction.

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Hydro BiPole III Converter Stations

hydro bipole converter

Hydro BiPole III Converter Stations | Manitoba, Canada – This project consisted of the construction of two new riel station converter buildings. Our team led the modeling of all MEP systems for coordination during pre-construction and main construction phases. This included creating install drawings for all duct, mechanical pipe, electrical equipment, electrical trays, plumbing, and 3D pipe diagrams for final installations.

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Hospital Campus

palos hospital renovation

Hospital Campus | Palos Heights, IL – VIATechnik was engaged by the general contractor and electrician on a complex, fast tracked addition to Palos Community Hospital’s south campus. We modeled architectural and structural, electrical systems, and healthcare equipment supports. In addition to modeling these elements, VIATechnik led coordination, detected clashes, and managed the entire BIM process for the general contractor. This project highlighted our strengths in multiple areas of VDC and our ability to work on a fast-paced schedule.

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Brewery | Confidential – VIATechnik converted a high resolution 3D survey (laser point cloud scan) into a Revit model that the client’s engineers could use to redesign a massive brewery. The conversion covered hundreds of thousands of square feet and was modeled to an accuracy of 1/4″.

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Pharmacy and Retailer

pharmacy BIM model

Pharmacy and Retailer | Tucson, AZ –A family-owned steel fabricator required detailers to professionally execute steel detailing for shop drawings that included coordination with joists, bollards, gates, structural steel, and a canopy through BIM software.

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High-Rise Apartment Building

high rise building BIM model

High-Rise Apartment Building | Chicago, IL – Our VDC experts worked with the client to coordinate electrical conduits, lighting, and other equipment for this 35 story high-rise in the heart of River North in Chicago.

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University Research Center

research center BIM model

University Research Center | Minneapolis, MN –Top assessment and coordination was put to the test during VIATechnik’s role in completing the reconstruction of a single story university building. Work was completed to client standards involving Revit-created BIM from 2D files for electrical, mechanical ductwork, and mechanical piping.

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Corporate Headquarters

corporate headquarters modeling

Corporate Headquarters | Maricopa County, AZ– Using Revit, the VIATechnik engineers produced BIM modeling for a civil specialty contractor’s first BIM project. Our responsibilities expanded from modeling site utilities – which included fire protection water, domestic water, storm sewer, and sanitary sewer systems – to revisions based on clash detection.

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Hospital Building

coon rapids hospital building

Hospital Building | Coon Rapids, MN – Our team led weekly coordination meetings with the general contractor and subcontractors involved with a three-story, 58,000 square foot new steel framed hospital building.

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Military University Building

military university building modeling

Military University Building | Hillsborough County, FL – VIATechnik represented a mechanical subcontractor and electrical subcontractor separately for a project involving a 100,000 square foot multi-level government facility. Our team participated in weekly coordination meetings to clear clashes in over 15 trades from a very dense floor plan.

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University Lab Building

university lab building chicago

University Lab Building | Chicago, IL – Our BIM work for a first-floor renovation of a Chicago university included all conduit over ¾” hangers, cable trays, electrical raceways, and light fixtures.

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Semiconductor Technology Headquarters

Semiconductor Technology Headquarters building modeling

Semiconductor Technology Headquarters | Tempe, AZ – With a turnover completion time frame of two weeks, our team modeled the entire plumbing system of a corporate headquarters for a semiconductor technology firm.

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International School

international school chicago building modeling

International School | Chicago, IL – VIATechnik modeled all electrical work for a two-story new school project, which included lighting, electrical conduit, and cable trays. The BIM was also updated to reflect client needs and the BIM coordinator’s clash detection/resolution.

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Hospital Complex

san diego hospital BIM model

Hospital Complex | San Diego, CA –  As this job was a renovation, a tremendous amount of BIM coordination was required to ensure a proper fit during the construction process.

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Industrial Chemical Plant

industrial chemical plant building model

Industrial Chemical Plant | Confidential – VIATechnik utilized Bentley AECOsim to convert a 3D point cloud laser scan into BIM. The facility included multiple chemical processing rooms, a 14-story tower, outdoor equipment, and highly specialized mechanical equipment.

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Senior Housing and Assisted Living

senior assisted living housing project modeling

Senior Housing and Assisted Living | Mokena, IL – Our team had the responsibility of modeling mechanical duct work, mechanical piping, and fire sprinkler systems of a senior housing and assisted living facility. Modeling was created from 2D design drawings for an ENR Top 50 general contractor.

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Medical Facility

Medical Facility | Worcester County, MA – VIATechnik modeled the mechanical duct work and mechanical piping for a multi-level residential health facility. Coordinating with the commercial general contractor, we provided the client with weekly updates to the BIM model and 2D drawings throughout the job.

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International Airport Garage

boston airport parking garage modeling

International Airport Garage | Boston, MA – VIATechnik converted over 1 million square feet of CAD drawings into a Revit model. Trades modeled included civil, site, architectural, structural, mechanical, fire protection, electrical and plumbing.

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Natural Gas Facility

Natural Gas Facility
Grant County, KS – The team at VIATechnik worked with a local Texan steel fabricator to deliver structural drawings on time and on budget for a large natural gas development.

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Water Filtration Facility

water filtration modeling

Water Filtration Facility | Bend, OR – With the aid of 2D design drawings, hand sketches from the general contractor, and plumbing, piping, and insulation submittals, VIATechnik’s Revit specialists quickly and efficiently modeled the plumbing systems for a 24-million-dollar water improvement project within a week’s deadline.

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Water Utility Pumping Station

water utility pumping station rendering

Water Utility Pumping Station | Portland, OR – Our VDC team modeled civil, site, architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, and fire protection trades at a major water pumping station in Oregon. The model was then used to plan construction and identify any site issues for the future.

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Corporate Campus Building

corporate campus building model

Corporate Campus Building | Confidential – This corporate campus new construction required a clash report to identify issues across trades. VIATechnik brought various models into Navisworks to run a clash analysis and segment clashes by trade, floor, and zone.

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Eight-Story Hotel Complex

madison wisconsin hotel model

Eight-Story Hotel Complex | Madison, WI – Based off hand-sketched construction logistics plans, our expert modelers created an original 3D model rendered in Sketchup for a new building construction project, as well as the modeling of the project’s trailers, fencing and concrete barriers.

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Luxury Residence

los angeles luxury home model

Luxury Residence | Los Angeles, CA – A Los Angeles real estate developer hired VIATechnik to help his team visualize various proposed property developments. Our team created the 3D model from hand sketches and rendered them based on client specifications.

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Public-Private Hospital

anchorage alaska hospital model

Public-Private Hospital | Anchorage, AK – Our rendering team assisted the client during their initial business development phase. Through the guidance of the client’s business development team, VIATechnik’s team put together a complete 3D model and rendering of the new hospital.

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Data Center

data center piping model

Data Center | Confidential – VIATechnik worked with a leading general contractor to convert a 3D point cloud scan into a Revit model. The data center consisted of very tight spaces, multiple piping layers, ground-mounted equipment, and custom ducts and piping.

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Recreational Visitor Center

branson missouri recreation center rendering

Recreational Visitor Center | Branson, MO – Our Bentley AECOsim experts worked with a Hawaiian-based company to create a new recreational visitor center in Missouri. We team created a LOD 300 BIM model which included structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and civil disciplines for the project.

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Convention Center

Albuquerque convention center model

Convention Center | Albuquerque, NM – Our 3D modeling group created a highly-precise HVAC model for a large government convention center. The team worked with the mechanical contractor to create the MEP coordination drawings. Additionally, we located clashes using our innovative clash software and returned improved plans to the client, ensuring a smooth construction process.

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Regional Branch Construction

chase bank marshall texas plans

Regional Branch Construction | Marshall, TX – We created structural steel shop drawings required for a large bank in Texas, which spanned over 10,000-square-feet. Our accuracy and advanced knowledge in steel shop drawings enabled our client to meet urgent deadlines.

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Sugar Processing Facility

moorehead sugar processing factory

Sugar Processing Facility | Moorehead, MN – A sugar manufacturing facility required structural steel shop drawings for an addition at their main plant. Our team worked with a large North Dakota steel fabricator to complete the specific requirements for the addition of the large centrifuge.

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Luxury Apartment

middletown new york luxury apartments

Luxury Apartment | Middletown, NY – Shop drawings were required by a real estate developer to create luxury residences equipped with resort-style amenities. We created the structural shop drawings for the multiple levels of structural beams and columns, which covered over 25,000-square-feet of this breathtaking new community.

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Oil and Gas Facility

cortez colorado oil gas plan

Oil and Gas Facility | Cortez, CO – Our professional drawing team at VIATechnik created impressive steel shop drawings for an oil and gas terminal in Colorado. We worked with a large Texan steel fabricator to provide design accuracy for one of the largest oil and gas pipeline companies in the country.

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Hydroelectric Dam

Hydroelectric Dam

Hydroelectric Dam | Folsom, CA – Utilizing 2D design drawings, VIATechnik built a 3D model of a proposed dam within days of the contractor’s request. Using our civil drafting team, we successfully built a 3D model and rendered an artist’s image of the dam with different water levels.

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Convenience Store

Convenience Store construction plan

Convenience Store | Commerce City, CO – VIATechnik provided a large, family-owned Colorado company with high-quality shop drawings for the bollards, gates, and canopy needed to start construction on a large retail convenience store.

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High-End Restaurant

texas chain restaurant plan

High-End Restaurant | Austin, TX – Our team collaborated with a family-owned fabrication company in Texas to begin construction for a popular restaurant chain. The deliverables provided to the client included drawings for various steel elements such as rails, stairs, and bollards.

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Police Building Renovation

allen texas police department construction

Police Building Renovation | Allen, TX – Our in-house team created the shop drawings needed to renovate a historic Texas police station. We collaborated with a family-owned fabricator in Texas to create the structural shop drawings consistent with the materials, time, and budget for the new police station.

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Golf Club and Spa

 Kailua Hawaii golf spa club construction

Golf Club and Spa | Kailua, HI – Undertaking a uniquely designed multi-building complex, VIATechnik’s engineering team modeled structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection for the entire facility. 21 different trades were involved with the original design of the project.

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Top-Tier School

private school chicago construction plan

Top-Tier School | Chicago, IL – A large private school in Chicago was undergoing extensive renovations. Our team went to work on the renovation, which required the electrical systems to be coordinated across multiple trades. VIATechnik provided a leading electrical contractor with the 3D model of the electric systems for the project on time and on budget.

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Water Pollution Control Plant

los angeles water plant construction

Water Pollution Control Plant | Los Angeles, CA – This project required our team to consider the distinct needs of a large metropolitan water utility system. Our shop drawings were utilized for the very complicated 60 water pollution control tanks. Our precise component dimensions were vital to one of the largest water utilities in the United States.

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Healthcare Facility

manchester healthcare facility

Healthcare Facility | Manchester, NH – We created a 3D model for the addition of a profound healthcare facility. Our specific tasks included coordinating the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, utility lines, and safety aspects of the project.

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Catholic Church Expansion

denver catholic church expansion

Catholic Church Expansion | Denver, CO – VIATechnik created the structural shop drawings for a local parish in Colorado. Our team created the drawings for the beams, columns, and angles in for the beautiful design, which helped for the next phase in building the church.

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Global School

global school palo alto construction

Global School | Palo Alto, CA – A large private school located in Palo Alto required shop drawings to create a project with multi-faceted updates. The team at VIATechnik worked to create a cohesive design that incorporated the existing structure with the new goals of earthquake-resistant structural elements.

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Large Pharmacy Chain

pharmacy construction

Large Pharmacy Chain | Tucson, AZ – The team at VIATechnik completed shop drawings for a large pharmacy and retailer in Arizona. The project involved creating shop drawings for the 10,000-square-foot store space with additional mezzanine levels.

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Oil and Gas Terminal

fairless hills gas plant construction

Oil and Gas Terminal | Fairless Hills, PA – The oil and gas terminal required structural steel shop drawings for the pipeline supports. Our in-house team worked with a large east coast steel fabricator to ensure we created a quality product.

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Public Library

los angeles public library construction

Public Library | Los Angeles, CA – We focused on creating an accurate 3D model rendering for the public library. This project entailed designing a curtain wall into the existing space. The library needed a model to encompass everything required in this unique project, including special glazing and unique dimensions.

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Oil Refinery

goliad texas oil construction

Oil Refinery | Goliad Co, TX – The VIATechnik team created highly-detailed structural steel shop drawings for one of the largest oil and gas pipeline companies in the nation.

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