Redefining Punch Lists Through AR

Redefining Punch Lists Through AR

We hope you are enjoying a fresh cup of Metropolis Coffee as you read about how we are using AR with our clients. With today’s augmented reality technology, we can now associate data with the physical environment. This allows owners, architects, engineers, and contractors to see data along side their facilities or construction projects. Imagine being able to walk through a job site or facility and input data ‘directly’ onto structural columns or mechanical equipment!

The R&D team at VIATechnik is quite excited about the potential of the technology and has taken the leap in developing augmented reality tools for our clients. Our first foray into this nascent technology is our Punch-AR app built on Microsoft’s HoloLens. This ‘punch-list’ application utilizes voice controls and hand-gestures to interact with, record, and pull data from the physical environment. While traditional punch-lists store data in clunky spreadsheets or apps disassociated with the physical space, the Punch-AR app links the data to the built environment.

It’s the Pokémon Go of the construction jobsite!

Through voice commands, architects and project stakeholders can create and maintain punch-list items, take photos, and provide quick descriptions. Tagging an issue is as simple as saying the call word “fix”. These simple voice commands makes the punchlist process up to 3x faster than traditional tools and allows facilities data to reside where they belong – the physical environment.

Do you have a need for augmented reality on your projects? Give us a shout through the form below and we’d be glad to talk about how we can help build augmented reality applications for your company!