Unity Reflect – VIATechnik

Seeing the Possibilities: Integrated Workflows of Algorithmic Modeling and Real-Time Rendering

At VIATechnik, we believe we should do the opposite. As designers and engineers, we have a responsibility to pursue as many design iterations as possible to deliver the best product to our clients. We have developed integrated workflows between parametric modeling software (Grasshopper and Rhino 3D) and real-time rendering engines (Unity Reflect) to allow enormous numbers of design iterations to be created, visualized, and evaluated in real-time across platforms. With connected devices like VR headsets, clients can more easily evaluate these options as they will appear in the finished building, assuring greater consensus across project stakeholders.

VIATechnik is a digital transformation leader in the AEC industry. Our firm seeks to transform the analog world of design and construction into a digital platform, enabling efficient design, industrialized construction, and a digital real estate service model. We are transforming the built environment by capitalizing on digital twin technology, by using real world data to create simulations that can predict how a product or process will perform.

Our digital transformation services include BIM, computational BIM, virtual reality and augmented reality, prefabrication, digital construction management, 4D, and software development. We’ve worked on over 2,000 projects globally, with the largest ones including Apple’s new headquarters, the Tesla Gigafactory, LaGuardia Airport, Hudson Yards, the Atlanta Falcons Stadium, and Chase Arena.