Lean Construction and Pull Planning Service

Lean Construction Consultants

Pull Planning
VIATechnik utilizes an online collaboration tool to enable pull planning coordination across a distributed team. Unlike other service providers, VIATechnik’s solution allows teams to work across sites in real time on the cloud.

Integrated Project Delivery
Aligning risks and rewards to complete a project fosters a lean and efficient process that benefits participating parties. Work with our team to implement an integrated project delivery agreement.

Results Oriented
Our team of professionals seek to provide our clients with lean construction results that are cost effective and practical.

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Pull Plan Scheduling Consultants

Pull Plan Consultants

Lean Construction Service

Lean Construction Service

Pull Plan Service

The use of pull planning in the construction industry has grown considerably. Whether you need consultants to assist the implementation of pull planning in your project or tools to effectively implement pull planning at your company, VIATechnik is ready to support your team. The goal of this process is to create a collaborative approach that makes responsible parties take ownership for their actions and make decisions that benefit the entire project

Lean construction planning for resources and time management essentially integrates multiple parties’ decision making process to deliver successful outcomes for the entire project – each aspect is integrated in such a way that neither is stressed at the expense of the whole.

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