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Infraworks Modeling Services

Contextual Modeling
From landmark buildings to large scale infrastructure work, we can help bring your projects to life in a virtual setting. By placing your project on visually rich 3D models with a real world environment, we can help you with your community outreach or marketing proposals.

Winning Proposals
Our Infraworks service seeks to help our clients win bids and get the community behind the project. By creating interactive 3D models, we are able to put the project into perspective and visualize benefits, potential challenges , and the impact on the community.

VIATechnik strives hard to create visually rich infrastructure and vertical models that not only help our clients win, but also do so in a cost effective manner.

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Infraworks Modeling Service

Infraworks Modeling Service

Visually Rich Models

Visually Rich Models

Infraworks Modeling Experience

At VIATechnik, we have a passion for perfection and a team to make it happen. As a Stanford CIFE member, VIATechnik seeks to be at the cutting edge of construction technology services. Our client list spans the country, with clients from Cupertino, CA to New York, NY. Founded by Stanford engineering graduates, VIATechnik brings an experienced team to the table to help our clients succeed. Through our leading InfraWorks modeling service, we bring preliminary engineering and design of your infrastructure project out of the two dimensional boundaries. This helps stake holders make decisions in the context of the real world, not the traditional flat space. Our service seeks to combine data to better develop, design, and share information through interactive models, videos, and renderings.

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