Prefabrication and Industrialized Construction

VIATechnik works with the industry leaders in prefabrication and industrialized construction. Our prefabrication work includes creating digital models of construction modules that are procurement and factory ready. We work with various industrialized construction firms to digitize the designs, list out highly detailed bill of materials, factory tickets, and quality control the digitization process. Through our experience implementing VDC and BIM on offsite construction, our team not only executes efficiently but also provides insight on each project based on real world experience. When VIATechnik provides prefabrication services to clients, we take the time to understand our clients’ project needs and desired outcomes. Our firm is entirely software agnostic, so depending on the project’s BIM execution plans or specifications, we tailor our tools to match the project’s requirements. This includes utilizing Revit, with various fabrication plugins, or Catia, which was built for complex manufacturing workflows. In addition to the prefabrication services we offer, we also provide our clients with leading training allowing them to empower their internal teams to grow and develop a best in class capability.

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Prefabrication Services

  • Digital Fabrication Model
  • Catia Based Workflows
  • QA/QC
  • CNC

What is Prefabrication?

Prefabrication is the process in which construction work is done off-site and delivered to the site in modules. The work can be limited to specific trade assemblies such as electrical racks to entire spatial modules of building sections. Prefabrication and BIM go very well together because the digitized building models allow for planning, purchasing and CNC based manufacturing. The highly detailed models are digital twins of the physical product ensuring what get built offsite is going to work once the modules are delivered to the actual site.


Who We Work With

VIATechnik has worked with firms that either lead or seek to lead in their respective industries. General contractors, trade contractors, owners and designers interested in offsite construction. If your company is interested in utilizing prefabrication on a project or want to build offsite construction capabilities, please contact us.

How We Can Help

If you have prefabrication needs that we can support, please contact us so we can have one of our leading experts work with you. Whether you are a general contractor, trade contractor or owner, VIATechnik has the experience and capability to support your needs. Please fill out the form below or call us so we can deliver the right solution for your needs.


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