Augmented Reality

How VIATechnik is Promoting Mass Timber Construction with BIM

The world’s population is booming. According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, urban areas will welcome 2.5 billion new residents by 2050. In addition to requiring …

Gehry’s CATIA in the Age of Computational Design

How On Earth Would You Build That? When the Canadian-born American architect Frank Gehry designed Peix—the fish-shaped sculpture commissioned for Barcelona when it hosted the 1992 Olympics—his team had to …

Prefab and VDC are a match made in heaven

Why you should embrace prefab and VDC, and how it could save the industry’s future When it comes to using prefabrication technology in the industry, we’re facing the same issues …

Here’s how a video game design software can help create realistic lighting in renderings, and why it matters

We’ve all seen them–project renderings where lighting violates natural law, in which buildings look as if they’re lit by bioluminescent alien plants from James Cameron’s Avatar viewed through a hazy, …

VIATechnik optimizes construction project collaboration, efficiency with dRofus partnership

VIATechnik’s new partnership with dRofus set to accelerate AEC industry adoption of a common data environment.   Virtual design and construction services firm VIATechnik is now an implementation partner of …

VIATechnik expands, bringing its game-changing, diverse team westward

Physical presence allows firm’s highly skilled team to provide hyperlocal, tailored services to complex AEC projects across the country Chicago-based VIATechnik, a specialist in virtual design and construction, is expanding …

Building for Billions: The Unparalleled Value of Construction Tech in China

China’s AEC industry is stepping into the 21st century — and VIATechnik is playing a major role in guiding the transition.

Team Spotlight: Geoff Hoffman

From professional baseball stadiums to groundbreaking factories, Geoff Hoffman’s AEC tech expertise has helped bring many breathtaking buildings to life.

How VIATechnik and Matterport Helped Bulley & Andrews Maximize Project Visibility

VIATechnik’s use of the Matterport’s visualization hardware helped a major retailer and construction firm Bulley & Andrews review construction progress holistically and with relative ease.

How Architects Lost Control of the Design Process…and How They Can Get it Back

Building projects are becoming more complex, which is making it increasingly difficult for architects to maintain control over their initial vision.

Project Spotlight: Miami Marine Stadium

Miami’s historic Marine Stadium has sat unused for 25 years, but revitalization efforts are finally underway.

Team Spotlight: Gregg Young

With over three decades of experience in the commercial real estate sector, Gregg Young brings an unparalleled depth of investor-side knowledge to the VIATechnik team.

Evaluating The State of Construction Tech Adoption in 2017

Construction is among the least-digitized industries, a shortcoming that has played a major role in the industry’s productivity gap. Fortunately, the tide may finally be turning.

How VDC Technologies Help Architects and Engineers “Play Nice”

When it comes to building design, architects and engineers don’t always see eye-to-eye.

How Data-Driven Simulations Improve Building Performance

Data-driven simulations allow multiple stakeholders to contribute to a design and ultimately improve a building’s future performance.

How VR Helps Architects Enhance Project Pitches

Virtual reality has the potential to transform the AEC industry in many ways, but one of the most notable is its capacity to completely redefine how architects pitch their designs.