VIATechnik and UNIFI Team Up to Help AEC Industry Leverage UNIFI APIs for Custom Software Development

Chicago, IL, December 2019 – VIATechnik is pleased to announce a new partnership with UNIFI, the global leader in cloud-based BIM content and data management. As more sophisticated digital technologies become commonplace in the AEC industry, the need for complementary technologies to integrate the necessary BIM data is crucial. Through this new partnership, VIATechnik will help its partners achieve this integration by merging our extensive experience in custom software development and real-world BIM implementation with UNIFI’s Project Analytics and Content Management APIs, which enable users to customize UNIFI to derive the data and functionality needed to optimize their unique BIM workflows. 

By streamlining and automating key data management processes, VIATechnik and UNIFI will free time and resources for more innovative uses. Moreover, UNIFI’s APIs deliver significant return on investment through customization, allowing their platform to be tailored to the user’s unique workflow. This includes programmatically managing data within Revit families; adding, removing, and modifying shared parameters and their value in batch; ensuring Revit families are up to date with company standards; reviewing historical BIM data; and generating a changelog for Revit. In other words, when you spend less time coordinating and modifying data, you have more time to see what the data can do. And even better, discover new ways to make it work for you. 

VIATechnik believes this partnership will be a positive disruptive force in the industry. In the words of CEO Danielle Dy Buncio: “We believe that UNIFI’s BIM content management platform along with VIATechnik’s BIM data insights and analytics capabilities will unlock the value that the BIM data provides and benefit a much broader set of stakeholders than the traditional BIM user group. We are excited to align ourselves with other leaders in the space, together working to create a better built environment.”

Dwayne Miller, CEO and Co-Founder at UNIFI Labs has similar ambitions: “Both UNIFI and VIATechnik strive to ensure we journey with our customers and help them get the most out of their technology investment. The release of our API earlier this year was a critical step forward in supporting customization and providing flexible access to the power of our platform.” 

The future of the AEC industry depends on our ability to leverage information beyond traditional BIM workflows and see it deployed at all levels of building, real estate, facilities management, and more. VIATechnik is leading the way into that future, and our partnership with UNIFI will allow us to manage this information more efficiently, leading to greater digitization across the industry and continued leadership in virtual design and construction for VIATechnik and its partners.

Interested in utilizing VIATechnik to help you take advantage of UNIFI’s API offerings to enhance your BIM technology investment? Contact us today at [email protected] or 773-340-1690 . 

About UNIFI Labs 

UNIFI Labs is the global leader in cloud-based BIM content and data management. Our essential data platform delivers a Better BIM experience by helping users navigate the DARK BIM. Hundreds of brands trust UNIFI for their BIM content/data management needs, including  Interior Architects, Katerra, Stantec, HOK, Legrand, and Pella. For a free demo of UNIFI contact us at [email protected] or visit us at  

About VIATechnik 

VIATechnik is a global leader in virtual design and construction (VDC) consulting, implementation and education. Since our founding in 2012, VIATechnik has worked on over 2000 projects globally, covering over 180 million square feet. We have extensive experience on commercial, infrastructure, industrial, healthcare, educational, airport, data center, and residential projects. Our mission is to transform the analog world of design, construction, and operations of buildings and infrastructure into a digital platform, enabling efficient design, industrialized construction, and a digital real estate service model. Through this transformation, we believe we can solve the world’s housing and infrastructure challenges, deliver spaces that nurture life, commerce, and relationships. For additional information please call 773-340-1690, email [email protected] or visit us at

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