VIATechnik expands, bringing its game-changing, diverse team westward

Physical presence allows firm’s highly skilled team to provide hyperlocal, tailored services to complex AEC projects across the country

Chicago-based VIATechnik, a specialist in virtual design and construction, is expanding west with new offices in Denver, Portland, and Phoenix.   After its successful foray into New York and Philadelphia, VIATechnik is repeating its growth formula on the western front.

Even in the digital age, VIATechnik sees importance in creating a local presence in key markets to close the feedback loop on project sites.  Its growth is a testament to the demand for VIATechnik’s brand of highly skilled, authoritative, game-changing and results driven employees.

Jenn Thomas, VDC Manager- Portland, OR

Pioneering the firm’s expansion into Portland is Jennifer Thomas, VDC Manager. “I am excited to provide one-on-one support to companies in the Pacific Northwest for VIATechnik,” she said.

From this new location, Jennifer will focus on VIATechnik projects in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.

“One of the best things about VIATechnik is our ability to assess a company’s level of BIM experience and tailor our support accordingly. With our cutting edge experience, we also bring value to companies in ways not yet seen by the AEC industry.”

Jennifer Thomas, a graduate of UC Berkeley’s architecture program and board member for the Construction Specifications Institute’s Portland Chapter, brings with her 10 years of experience. She has worked on projects for Fortune 500 companies and internationally, such as the Doha Zoo in Qatar.

She first met VIATechnik president and co-founder Danielle Dy Buncio in 2015 at the BIMForum in Orlando. “I saw her presentation on VIATechnik’s use of Unity, a gaming software, to help visualize the transport of a massive vessel through a nuclear power plant,” she recalled.

“I was so impressed, I made sure to introduce myself. Danielle and I have remained friends ever since. Even to this day, I do not see many AEC firms using gaming technology to solve construction issues. It’s this kind of innovative approach that I believe draws companies and talent to VIATechnik. Now I am proud to say I will be building VIATechnik’s presence in the Pacific Northwest,” she added.

Landon Pascua, VDC Manager- Scottsdale, AZ

For its new Phoenix location, Landon Pascua was brought on board as VDC Manager. Experienced in large scale construction and cutting edge industrial scale pre-fabrication, Landon brings a blend of BIM, construction and at-scale manufacturing.  Prior to VIATechnik, Landon led Virtual Design and Construction workflows at one of the largest pre-fabrication and modular construction firms.

What drew Landon to VIATechnik was “the culture and people first and foremost.”

“The company is diverse both culturally and technically—you have people coming from video games and animation, construction, and many more,” he added. Landon’s past firm is a client of VIATechnik, which is when he first noticed what he called VIATechnik’s knack for “finding quality team members. Knowing new ways of doing things sets them apart from the rest.”

He’s excited about the opportunity to help grow operations in the Southwest. “I feel VIATechnik is willing to push the AEC industry forward by putting technology and people that understand the BIM process at the forefront.”

Kyle Hudson, Project Director- Denver, CO

Leading the Denver office is Kyle Hudson.  Kyle is a veteran of VIATechnik and has spoken about technology, construction, and the future of the industry at various AEC conferences.  He has also worked on mega projects at VIATechnik, including nuclear power plants and large healthcare facilities. Kyle is looking forward to establishing a strong digital design and construction presence in the fast growing region, “We are excited to be closer to our clients and our new Denver office will allow us to serve a booming market where owners, developers, architects, engineers and contractors can all benefit from more efficient design, construction, and operation.“


VIATechnik has offices in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Scottsdale, Portland, Denver, and Manila.

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