VIATechnik Forms Partnership with Web-based Lean Planning Company Pull Plan

VIATechnik Forms Partnership with Web-based Lean Planning Company Pull Plan

CHICAGO, Sept. 8, 2015 – Today VIATechnik is announcing its new services partnership with the industry leading Lean Planning software solution, Pull Plan. Yet, another exciting new venture for the construction and engineering services firm, VIATechnik rests assured that Pull Plan’s online Lean Scheduling tool will be one to make great strides for the AEC industry.

Lean Construction focuses on the best ways to create production systems in a project in order to minimize waste in time, materials, and effort, and to maximize as much value as possible. Projects can get complicated, especially when there are so many factors and people involved, so implementing a solid workflow system that works for every person included on a project from owner to end-user is key to a successful outcome.


Traditional pull planning in the industry is typically carried out using paper sticky notes on a large white board. The timescale of an entire project is divided into a weekly schedule or certain periods of time where each project activity is pinpointed and essentially pulled together into a larger sequence. The infamous sticky note used in pull planning helps identify the work that needs to be done by breaking key milestones into a comprehensive set of smaller, traceable tasks that are placed in sequential order on the project board. A second and vital characteristic of the process is that it requires the participation of the team members that will be actually executing the tasks (ie: the “Last Planners”), and who are therefore better equipped than managers or traditional schedulers to estimate task durations, identify constraints and pinpoint inputs from/to other areas.

This practice helps achieve total accountability by knowing who is posted to each assignment, accurate planning by finding what can and can’t be done, and efficiency by reducing redundancy and unnecessary buffers along a project. The sticky note exercise also creates buy-in and a sense of commitment from the team as each post is a public promise that a task will indeed get completed, and everyone has an understanding of the project because they were able to collaborate in creating the project schedule.

Pull Plan Interface Pic

Pull Plan’s online application is the first of its kind to integrate the idea of the “sticky note” and “white project board” into a much more simple and efficient digital workflow. Combining Online Collaboration, Lean Scheduling, and Task Management in one place, Pull Plan aims to eliminate waste and redundant project efforts. The web-based Lean Planning tool gives users a straightforward experience with real-time updates, completing the real-time feedback loop and issue resolution, as well as reporting and performance tracking in real time. The application is designed for Builders, Designers, Manufacturers, and Project Managers. There is no training required to operate the tool because of its simple and intuitive user interface. A very direct and basic licensing plan also makes Pull Plan a very appealing catch.

“Partnering with VIATechnik enables our business to globally support our fast growing customer base for training, consulting and dedicated project work and we are very confident in VIATechnik’s capabilities as a best in class AEC services firm,” says Pavel Shevstov, COO for Pull Plan.

When asked on her thoughts about her company’s decision to partner with Pull Plan, VIATechnik’s Co-Founder and President, Danielle Dy Buncio, responded, “VIATechnik’s mission is to promote adoption of valuable technologies in the construction industry. We are excited to partner with Pull Plan and believe that this lean technology can revolutionize the way project teams think about lean construction and project planning.”

Taking the AEC space by storm and redefining task management is certainly the direction VIATechnik sees Pull Plan heading, and for both companies creating a better future for the AECO industry is what they look forward to doing together.

Join Pull Plan now & see how lean planning can change your firm.


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