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VR Construction Services Chicago


Though traditionally used for the development of video games, our creative developers and level designers utilize the newest virtual reality engines to create interactive environments for the architecture, engineering, and construction industries.


Any stationary 3d model can be transformed into a virtual reality environment with which you can interact and which you can manipulate to assess costs and constructability impacts.


Our Chicago team’s expertise and professionalism allows us to bring forth all our projects timely and cost-effectively, thus demonstrating that virtual reality is by no means expensive or time consuming.

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Virtual Reality Services Chicago

Virtual Reality Services for Construction

BIM to VR construction services

BIM to VR Projects


The aim of the VIATechnik team based in Chicago is to provide its clients with the most impressive, efficient, and innovative solutions to their projects. With the help of the newest virtual reality engines, our professional team of engineers can create virtual environments that considerably enhance your project’s interactivity. The full immersion into video game-like, real-time settings provides owners and clients with the opportunity to visualize the exact impact of a decision even before the project is built. Whether you would like to impress your clients with a unique presentation or you would simply like to see how a decision would impact your project, our Unity/Unreal experts will be more than happy to assist you.

Originally, VIATechnik was established by a team of Stanford engineering graduates. As for today, the company can rely on the skills and knowledge of a development team with extensive experience in government facilities, oil & gas, infrastructure, and commercial establishments.

Fully understanding the exact requirements and specifications of its clients, the VIATechnik team makes of completing projects timely and within budget its top priority. For additional information, do not hesitate to contact our Chicago team.




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