VR For Trade Shows and Exhibit Booths

VR For Trade Shows and Exhibit Booths

Immersive Virtual Reality Environment

Get potential clients into your booths by utilizing the latest in AR and VR technology.

Interactive Virtual Reality Environment

We build interactive environments to demonstrate your products in life like environments.  Unlike physical products, VR environments can come in unlimited scenarios and don’t have to be assembled in a trade show.

Highly Customizable

Our tradeshow exhibits in VR can be highly customized – through various materials, videos, textures, and audio.  Contact us today to get your custom quote.

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Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality for Enhanced Communication with Clients

BIM to Virtual Reality

Life-Like walk-through’s and Interaction

Utilizing Virtual Reality to Maximize A Trade Show Experience

On a daily basis, the VIATechnik team aims to come up with the most innovative ways to provide our clients with the most impressive and efficient solutions to their projects. By using the newest virtual reality engine, our teams of engineers is able to create a virtual environment that will considerably enhance the interactivity of your project. The immersion into a video game-like environment allows potential clients to visualize the products in a life-like simulated environment. So, if you want to impress a client with a unique presentation of a project or if you simply want to understand the impact of each decision before it is purchased, our VR experts will be more than happy to work with you.

Initially, VIATechnik was founded by a group of determined Stanford engineering graduates. Currently, the company relies on the skills of a knowledgeable development team with vast experience in large projects, government facilities, oil & gas, and commercial establishments.

The VIATechnik team not only fully understands the specifications and requirements of the exhibition team, but it also makes it a priority to complete the projects on time and within budget.

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