Welcome to VIATechnik: Shyam Telikicherla & Alex Tanguay

Joining the Chicago Headquarters this month as VDC Managers, are Shyam Telikicherla and Alex Tanguay who bring a combination of 30+ years’ experience in prefabrication and modular construction.

As methods of construction and building become more advanced, sophisticated approaches of how we design and construct buildings become more important in today’s projects. Assembling components off-site are transforming today’s designs and construction sites into sophisticated and efficient production environments.

VIATechnik is excited to bring on team members who have lived in and led these industrialized processes. This month, VIATechnik on-boards VDC Managers, Shyam Telikicherla and Alex Tanguay who bring a combination of 30+ years’ experience with a focus in these cutting edge processes.

Spending 20+ years in the AEC industry with experience in Architectural, Engineering and Construction roles, Shyam has worked on a wide range of projects ranging from site development and infrastructure for roads and bridges to sports stadiums, including Wrigley and Soldier Field.

Shyam has spent the last 5 years of his career developing 3D virtual and augmented reality experiences to aid the design process and study scalability of modular solutions. Cultivating his focus on residential and healthcare solutions, Shyam has also started looking at efficient design workflows. Shyam’s broad range of experience has granted him the ability to communicate across various disciplines and recommend the most effective technologies and processes to help solve complex design coordination problems and constructability issues. His interest and experience with visualization help define immersive and augmented reality methods. These have been used to aid communication with various stakeholders involved in the construction process.  

Noteworthy projects include a 3-flat affordable-housing solution designed to address the need for high quality affordable homes for the Chicagoland area and medical exam room interior modules for large healthcare organizations.

Bringing 10 years of experience to VIATechnik, Alex is passionate about applying advanced measuring techniques known as metrology on modular construction projects.  

Originally from the Bay Area, Alex began his career when he joined the United States Navy for 5 years, serving as an Avionics Technician. Shortly after, he worked for a large general contracting firm, starting off as a project engineer working his way up to BIM coordinator. Alex focused on hospital and laboratory projects, specializing in field verification for each digitally coordinated element.

With the desire to achieve more and further advance methods of building, Alex moved into modular construction where he focused on design coordination. Alex spent time in the field, verifying factory built modules. Using robotic total stations and the Leica TS-16, a metrology software, the modules were accurately placed per design and coordinated with site-built infrastructure.

Noteworthy achievements include Alex’s presentation at Bluebeam’s conference in 2016  where he presented his use of the software to track and relocate 2600 micro-processing tools. Alex’s work applying metrology to multi-family and mixed-use modular construction projects was presented at the Spatial Analyzer User Conference in May, 2019. In today’s industry, Alex’s work applying metrology to construction enables designs to contain more stringent tolerances than what is typically possible – eliminating error, reducing costs, and saving time. 

If you would like to join our growing team at VIATechnik, send us your resume – we are always looking for people to transform the industry at an accelerated pace. Please email us at [email protected] or call us at our various office locations.

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