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At VIATechnik, our core strength lies within our ability to problem solve. Our edge comes with how we take today's technology and apply it through innovative processes to improve productivity and efficiency for our Architecture, Engineering, and Construction clients. Our team is advancing the way work is accomplished in the AEC industry.

Proven Results for the AEC Industry

VIATechnik serves the construction, engineering, and architecture markets. We are focused on results for our clients, have a passion for perfection, and invest in our human capital.

IMPROVING the Built Environment

With our skills and expertise using Virtual Design & Construction technologies and processes, our clients can work in confidence knowing our team can help aid them in achieving the best executed projects.

Virtual Reality Construction Design, BIM Services and CAD | VIATechnik

4D BIM for Apartment Building

In just 5 days, VIATechnik completed the 4D BIM model of an apartment building that is 960,000 SF and 47 floors, with a construction schedule…

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3D BIM Academic Building

Working with a large General Contractor, VIATechnik put together a preliminary design BIM for visualization, logistics planning, and rendering purposes. The model included the modeling…

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Hotel Quantity Take-Off

Working with a leading tax client, VIATechnik completed quantity take-off and cost estimate of an existing 174 bedroom hotel in San Francisco. The client used…

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Virtual Reality

United States –¬†VIATechnik worked with a client to transform a 3D Point Cloud scan into a BIM and virtual reality environment. The owner needed to…

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Point Cloud to BIM

Chicago, IL – Working with a world renowned architecture firm, VIATechnik produced an as-built model of the existing conditions of Navy Pier’s landmark theater. Using…

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In order to showcase to key project stakeholders how the new Virginia Tech Classroom would be built over time visually, VIATechnik created a 4D model…

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