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There are many ways to succeed at VIATechnik. Each team member brings their own vision, talents and passion to their roles. We believe that it is our differences that strengthen the whole of our company.

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Shape the Future of Construction

Join VIATechnik as we lead the digital transformation across various industries. We collaborate with industry leaders to shape their digital strategies, bridging the gap between analog and digital realms. Through data analytics and insights, we make the digital experience a tangible part of our clients’ capital project journeys.

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One Team

Operating as a unified and collaborative team is the foundation of our culture. We prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion to empower every team member to contribute their perspectives authentically. Accountability is fundamental to us; we honor our commitments, fostering trust and dependability within the team. Our collaborative spirit extends to sharing knowledge, unique experiences, and insights, elevating our entire team as we progress.


Passion for Results

Our mentality centers on elevating excellence by blending people, processes, and technology. Our team embraces ownership, investing the necessary effort to attain desired outcomes. We cultivate a feedback-rich culture to continually learn and enhance our capabilities, so we’re always pushing our limits. Our relentless pursuit of excellence drives us to create added value, delighting clients and advancing the built environment.



We are dedicated to driving progress in the built environment, and we continually seek new and imaginative ways to solve complex challenges and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Our primary focus is on delivering value to all of VIATechnik’s stakeholders — our dedicated team members, valued clients, and the broader industry. This innovative culture fosters an environment where brilliant ideas flourish and prosper.

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Employee Benefits

Our comprehensive benefits package includes competitive health insurance coverage, flexible time-off policies, a robust retirement savings plan, and a range of lifestyle perks, all designed to support our dedicated team’s needs and aspirations.

*Benefits vary by country.

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Comprehensive Insurance

Across the US, we provide 70-95% of health insurance premiums, with dependents receiving 70% coverage. Dental and vision insurance premiums are also subsidized, with 75% coverage for employees and 50% for dependents.

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Value-Driven PTO

VIATechnik offers flexible PTO, paid holidays, and diverse leave options, fostering work-life balance and employee well-being.


Retirement Plan

VIATechnik's retirement plans offer a variety of choices with immediate 100% vesting with no waiting period for eligible employees.

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Lifestyle Perks

VIATechnik goes the extra mile to enhance employees' lives, offering an array of unique lifestyle benefits, to continually improve their well-being.

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VIATechies Unite: Accelerating Innovation and Impact!

Each year, VIATechies from across the country come together for VT’s Annual Retreat – a whirlwind of collaboration, learning, and fun. 2023’s “Accelerate” theme drove our discussions on everything from digital twins to automated construction workflows. From a challenging Lego supply chain game to refreshing hikes, we bonded and upleveled our skills. Together, our team is leading the built environment in creating a better future, today.

What Our Team Says

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“Being part of the VT Team means being embraced like family, where my contributions are valued, and a healthy work/life balance is prioritized. It’s a supportive environment that allows me to thrive professionally and personally.”

Grady Schutt

VDC Manager, New York


"VIATechnik is where innovation meets collaboration, and we build lasting legacies. At VT, together we push boundaries, make an impact, and are part of a dynamic team where creativity soars!"

Katelyn Sanchez

Senior VDC Manager, New Mexico

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"At VIATechnik, Everything we do is pushing towards a moving target. When the pressure is on, we never waste the day. The moment we are faced with a challenge, passion sparks and we are already finding ways to add value. Every building is unique, and thus we are learning every day as we solve the next issue."

Bryan Strecker

MEP VDC Manager, Denver

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"Being part of the VT team is a breath of fresh air in the AEC industry. It means belonging to a results-oriented team that genuinely values the personal growth and development of it’s team members and fosters a healthy work-life balance."

Anu Patnaik

Senior VDC Manager, Chicago