Enhancing Retail Spaces with BIM

We blend cutting-edge BIM technologies with creative expertise to optimize every aspect of retail projects, from visualization to construction.

Crafting Immersive Retail Environments

At VIATechnik, we understand that the success of retail spaces hinges on creating immersive environments that engage customers and drive business growth. Our BIM services enable us to visualize and design retail spaces with precision, empowering clients to make informed decisions and validate designs before construction begins.

From single-store outlets to large retail chains, we optimize store layouts, space utilization, and workflow efficiencies, ensuring functional and aesthetically pleasing designs. By leveraging advanced technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and BIM, we enable clients to experience and explore their future stores with remarkable clarity, facilitating seamless design validation and stakeholder engagement.

Retail Transformation

VIATechnik offers visionary solutions for the retail industry, blending expertise in design, engineering, and cutting-edge technologies to create captivating, business-elevating shopping experiences.

Strategic Consulting & Advisory

Leverage VIATechnik's strategic consulting and advisory services for informed decision-making.
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Harness VIATechnik's BIM services for a virtual build-out of your construction project that integrates 3D models with data for enhanced collaboration and decision-making.
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Virtual & Augmented Reality

Leverage VIATechnik’s expertise in VR and AR to bring your visions to life.
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Related Projects


VIATechnik’s digital transformation partnership with Chick-Fil-A has empowered the organization with a technology platform to optimize business outcomes and revenue generation opportunities through a data-centric approach to design, construction, and operations across 2,000+ locations. The strategic execution of multi-site reality capture, software development, and BIM implementation has served as a foundation for Chick-Fil-A’s scale and success.


BIM Management

BIM Coordination


Compass Coffee

This small business was growing fast, so our team created high-quality building information models to bring ideas to execution quickly. Our construction documents enabled the client to continue expanding as they streamlined the design, construction, and operation process.



BIM for Facilities Management

Revit Modeling

compass Large

Amazon Retail Scan to BIM Strategy

We assisted a major eCommerce brand in launching a nationwide program implemented in 40 locations. By providing detailed objectives, scanning criteria, and example deliverables, we established standard operating procedures for evaluating potential vendors.


BIM Strategy

Scan to BIM

BIM Standards

Amazon Retail Scan to BIM Strategy
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