AI Powered Scalable Knowledge Management

Boost knowledge retention and preemptively tackle potential issues with Precogs, VIATechnik's intelligent predictive insights technology platform. Experience enhanced issue management and organization-wide learning, transforming the way you execute AEC projects​.

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The Challenge

The AEC industry notoriously struggles with knowledge retention, leading to repeated mistakes and inefficient processes. Precogs is designed to address this by serving as an intelligent knowledge repository that helps prevent problems before they occur, thereby enhancing project execution and learning​.


of a worker’s knowledge is known only to them.


of AEC companies report no well-defined training or knowledge retention program.


of a departing technical worker’s salary is used to replace that worker.

Inspired by NASA

Precogs presents an innovative solution to the knowledge retention challenge in the AEC industry. As an intelligent knowledge repository, it allows organizations to scale learning, manage issues, and break down project silos. Inspired by NASA’s mission control procedures, where failure is not an option, Precogs is designed with a similar dedication to ensuring flawless execution.


Manage Issues with Ease

Effortlessly identify and address concerns within Precogs and connected tools, empowering seamless tracking, assignment, management, and visualization of issues until their resolution. 

Precogs ensures that failure is never an option, safeguarding project success and promoting efficient workflows. Experience the power of Precogs in streamlining issue management and driving proactive problem-solving in your projects.

Nominate Issues to Your Corporate Knowledge Bank

Breathe new life into issue resolutions and embrace a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing, where valuable insights and lessons learned are stored and leveraged across your organization. Nominate issues to the corporate knowledge bank and harness the power of collective intelligence to drive continuous improvement, mitigate risks, and optimize future decision-making.


Grow and Evolve Your Knowledge Base

Effortlessly customize, structure, and expand your knowledge base using advanced features like duplicate detection, lesson rating, grouping, tagging, as well as powerful search and filtering capabilities. With our intuitive configuration options, you can optimize your knowledge base to meet the needs of your organization, facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration, and informed decision-making.

Avoid Future Mistakes With Digital Checklists and Predictive Intelligence

Harness the power of Precogs’ predictive intelligence to automatically suggest relevant checklists and valuable lessons for your projects. Utilize this proactive approach to ensure that valuable insights and best practices are incorporated into your workflows, minimizing mistakes, optimizing performance, and fostering continuous improvement throughout your projects.


Improve Your Customer's Experience

Deliver a tailored and exceptional customer experience that reinforces your commitment to issue management and knowledge retention. Leverage Precogs’ comprehensive reporting tools to provide meaningful insights and highlight the effectiveness of your mission. Engage stakeholders with visually compelling data visualizations, empowering them to make informed decisions and drive project success.

Ready for launch!

Propel your team towards unprecedented success as you conquer challenges, harness collective intelligence, and ensure flawless project delivery. With a clear focus on efficiency and collaboration, soar to new heights of achievement, leaving behind a trail of accomplished milestones and a legacy of excellence. Get ready to launch your projects with unparalleled results.


Key Features


Inclusive issue Management: Originate, track, manage, assign, and visualize issues until resolved.


Knowledge Bank: Nominate issue resolutions to the corporate knowledge bank for future reference.


Configurable Knowledge Base: Easily configure, organize, and scale knowledge with various tools.


Digital Checklists & Predictive Intelligence: Use digital checklists and predictive intelligence for timely knowledge access.


Advanced Reporting & Visualization: Leverage reporting and visualizations for improved customer experience.


Efficient Execution: Drive to zero issues quickly and execute with confidence.

Our mission is to drive better alignment and collaboration between architects, engineers, general contractors, and business owners – the parties involved in complex construction projects.

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