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Unlock a new era of knowledge management and transform how you execute AEC projects. Discover Precogs, your platform for intelligent predictive insights.

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The Challenge

Knowledge retention is a struggle in the construction industry, often resulting in inefficient processes and avoidable mistakes.


of a worker’s knowledge is known only to them


of AEC companies report no well-defined training or knowledge retention program


of a departing technical worker’s salary is used to replace that worker

Knowledge Management Inspired by NASA

Modeled after NASA’s mission control where failure is not an option, Precogs brings the power of rigorous, AI-driven knowledge management to your projects. It’s the tool you need to scale learning, streamline issue management, and dismantle project silos.


Manage Issues with Ease

Efficiently manage and resolve issues with Precogs. The platform integrates seamlessly with your existing tools so you can identify, track, and visualize issues from inception to resolution.

Add to Your Knowledge Bank

Elevate problem-solving by building a collaborative, knowledge-sharing culture. Precogs makes it simple to nominate resolved issues to a centralized corporate knowledge bank. Team members can then tap into this collective intelligence for continuous improvement and optimized decision-making.


Customize Your Knowledge Base

With Precogs’ intuitive controls, you can tailor your knowledge base according to your needs to foster better collaboration and informed decision-making. Optimize your knowledge repository with sophisticated tools like duplicate detection, lesson rating, grouping, and tagging, as well as powerful search and filtering capabilities.

Use Predictive Insights to Avoid Errors

Use Precogs’ predictive intelligence to automatically incorporate digital checklists and best practices into your workflow. With this proactive approach to knowledge management you can reduce errors, enhance performance, and drive continuous advancement across your projects.


Enhance Stakeholder Experience

Leverage Precogs’ comprehensive reporting tools to surface actionable insights in a streamlined format. Offer stakeholders visually compelling data visualizations, empowering them to make informed decisions and drive project success.

Prepare for Takeoff

Propel your team to new heights of achievement with Precogs. Embrace efficiency and collaboration to overcome challenges, leverage collective intelligence, and deliver projects flawlessly. Prepare to launch your projects with unparalleled results.


Precogs Features


Issue Management

Originate, track, assign, visualize, and resolve issues.


Knowledge Bank

Capture resolved issues to prevent future challenges.


Configurable Knowledge Base

Configure, organize, and scale your repository.


Predictive Intelligence

Use digital checklists to prevent oversights.


Reporting & Visualization

Drive stakeholder engagement with compelling insights.


Efficient Execution

Achieve zero-issue projects and execute with confidence.

Product Updates

Social Homepage

At the end of 2023, we introduced a user friendly and collaborative new home view for Precogs. It’s part dashboard, part lessons of the week, and part chat forum. We’re constantly evolving Precogs to make sure we’re driving insights and actions from its data repository, solidifying Precogs as an engaging and intelligent knowledge distribution center.

Social Homepage

Checklist Overhaul

Precogs now has a ton of powerful new features related to checklists! Why is this so amazing? It’s 100% informed by user feedback! You asked and we built – easier population, assignment, management, and usage of checklists across the board. Check out more details on Checklist Functionality Updates here.

Checklist Overhaul

 Procore data

Cutting-edge AI inside Precogs transforms Procore RFIs, Observations, and Meeting Minutes from simple project artifacts into powerful learning opportunities.

Ready to unlock the true potential of your construction data?

Precore data
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Our mission is to drive better alignment and collaboration between architects, engineers, general contractors, and business owners – the parties involved in complex construction projects.

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