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From skyscrapers to office complexes, we blend innovation, functionality, and sustainability for environments that inspire creativity, productivity, and growth.

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At VIATechnik, we believe that commercial spaces are not merely buildings but a reflection of a brand’s identity and values. Our expertise extends across a diverse spectrum of commercial projects, including office spaces, retail centers, hotels, and mixed-use developments. We embrace innovation and sustainability as core principles, integrating cutting-edge technologies and eco-friendly practices into every aspect of our work.

Our approach is centered around listening and understanding the unique requirements of each client. By forging close partnerships, we gain invaluable insights into their vision, goals, and operational needs. With this comprehensive understanding, we embark on a journey to design spaces that not only meet but exceed expectations. Building on the foundation of trust, we leverage advanced tools like Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Reality (VR) to enable seamless collaboration, accurate visualization, and efficient project management.

Building Success

VIATechnik's visionary commercial construction enablement services blend innovation and expertise, creating exceptional spaces that inspire businesses to thrive and succeed.

Strategic Consulting & Advisory

Leverage VIATechnik's strategic consulting and advisory services for informed decision-making.
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Harness VIATechnik's BIM services for a virtual build-out of your construction project that integrates 3D models with data for enhanced collaboration and decision-making.
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Virtual & Augmented Reality

Leverage VIATechnik’s expertise in VR and AR to bring your visions to life.
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Related Projects

Global Entertainment Company, NYC Headquarters

Looking to consolidate headquarters into a 1.2 million square foot, 22-story new construction project in Manhattan, our expertise improved design docs, aided coordination, and shaped BIM usage across 200+ models. The result: a Digital Twin with 100+ integrated models.


Digital Twin

BIM for Facilities Management

BIM Strategy

DisneyProjectGalaxyBIMforOpsDigitalTwin Large

Global Technology Company, Corporate Headquarters

A global technology company needed fast-paced BIM coordination and development for its corporate headquarters. We provided equipment BIM development, expedited coordination with over 56 trades and 500+ models, and met all space constraints for costly equipment.


applecampus Large

Cold-formed Steel Framing – Sherwin-Williams HQ

Struggling with inefficient coordination, labor-intensive processes, and accuracy issues, we leveraged precise BIM coordination and prefabrication techniques to improve the accuracy and scalability of our client’s global headquarters construction process.

BIM + Field

Framing BIM

Architectural BIM

VIATechnik NYC Jobsite with Suffolk

175 Park Avenue

Surrounded by iconic buildings and built on top of a network of transit systems below grade, our team organized this project into multiple phases. Using a dozen storyboards and logistics plans, we delivered multiple three-minute animations of the tower’s construction.



park ave Large
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