Meet the Team

Discover the talented leaders who make up the VIATechnik team. We are a dynamic and diverse group of experts passionate about revolutionizing the AEC industry.

The strength of our team at VIATechnik lies in our diversity and our innovative spirit. We’re committed to listening, learning, and collaborating with you – our clients and partners – to push the boundaries of your digital journey in the built environment. Our global team of technologists, strategists, architects, engineers, construction managers, and software developers is leading the industry in creating a better future, today.


Danielle Dy Buncio Headshot

Danielle Dy Buncio

Co-Founder & CEO

"At VIATechnik, we help our clients see their future, and partner with them to take meaningful steps at an ever-accelerating pace towards that future. VIATechies are action-oriented and outcomes-focused. When we collaborate with our clients to solve their biggest problems and to unlock their greatest opportunities, powerful change can happen."

Anton Dy Buncio Headshot

Anton Dy Buncio

Co-Founder & COO

"The passion and the collective strength of our team is what excites me. At VIATechnik, we solve our clients' most challenging problems and deliver measurable outcomes. This is what differentiates us in the industry and this is what I look forward to everyday."


Kyle Hudson

Vice President

"Let's not settle for silos. There is so much value to be extracted in our industry from disparate construction data. When evaluating corporate systems and existing workflows at a deep level, we can use this data as an input for designing innovative, engaging, and connected technology solutions that drive ROI and improve efficiency."

Jen Hawkins Headshot

Jen Hawkins

Director of Industry Digital Transformation

"At VIATechnik, I’m excited to be transforming how VDC workflows seamlessly connect to accurate part-level data — revolutionizing the relationship between the built environment and the supply chain to make high-quality, high-velocity decisions based on real data."


Rick Khan

Director, Mega Projects

"As a thought leader, I strive to inspire one person at a time! Over the decades, I've had the opportunity to work with hundreds of people from academia, industry and technology to focus on R&D, technology exploration and finding new ways of working."

Jacob D’Albora

Jacob D’Albora

Director of Digital Building Operations

"At VIATechnik, our dedication to the built environment is reinforced by our expertise in digital twins. Recognizing their potential, we see an opportunity to optimize the entire building lifecycle. This strategic approach cultivates stronger collaboration, engagement, and outcomes."

Dan Klancnik Headshot

Dan Klancnik

Studio Lead

"I enjoy thinking about how we can do things differently to generate more value in the construction industry. As technology and our use of data evolves, we can rethink legacy processes to transform culture and create new engines of business growth with a product-led approach. That’s the fun part."


Geoff Hoffman, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Studio Lead

"VIATechnik empowers owners to maximize ROI throughout the lifecycle of their facilities by strategically deploying digital tools, processes, and best-in-class people. We work closely with stakeholders to identify and solve problems, reducing Owner risk during design and construction and minimizing downtime during operations."

Jesse Huynh Headshot

Jesse Huynh

Studio Lead

"Our team is working and collaborating closely with our clients to bring constructable solutions to their building systems — from design to field installation — in the most efficient and lean way possible, while working towards achieving zero waste and rework."

Maria Laguarda-Mallo

Maria Laguarda-Mallo

Studio Lead

"VIATechnik's values of 'One Team', 'Passion for Results', and 'Innovation' are the company's day-to-day mantras! These allow our team to build lasting relationships with our clients, based on trust, collaboration and a hunger for reshaping possibilities, pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo."

CX Headshot

CX Lim

Associate Studio Lead

"The primary objective of digital transformation for our clients is to establish and maintain a single source of truth throughout the project. To maximize value, we translate this for the field, making information more accessible. This fosters better decision-making and increased efficiency."


Abigail Dimasuay

Assistant General Manager

"Being a part of VIATechnik’s mission where I can help transform dreams to reality excites and motivates me. I am grateful and inspired to drive continuous process improvement and lead the team towards data-driven decision making. As a result, I am able to improve VIATechnik's growth, work efficiency, quality, and people engagement."


Karol Jedruszek

Technology Team Leader

"When crafting software for AEC industry, I'm driven by the opportunity to shape a brighter future for our clients and the built environment. Every line of code we write is a building block of progress, and that's what makes this work so incredibly exciting and meaningful."


Christopher Wilocki

Director of Electrical VDC

"Our trade-focused teams work alongside field leaders to ensure our clients’ visions become reality. We identify opportunities to mitigate risks, push fabrication workflows, reduce waste, and accelerate construction install on every project we touch. Our goal is to power up our clients with speed, ingenuity, trust and consistency."


Benjamin Garey

Director of Digital Construction Operations

"The AEC industry has entered an exhilarating era of innovation, and large general contractors are pivotal to leading the charge and harnessing the vast growth opportunities on the path toward a revolutionary future in construction. It’s exciting to be a trusted partner to senior leaders in the builtworld and help blend legacy means and methods with next generation technology."

Robbie Taylor

Robbie Taylor

Vice President of Business Development

"Innovation surrounds everything we do at VIATechnik. Our unique ability to tackle the industry's hardest problems through a combination of strategy, services and software allows us to deeply understand where our client organizations are in their digital journey and partner with them to achieve the art of the possible."


Stephen Poppe

Strategic Client Manager

"There is an increasing need for a cross-functional lens to be applied to the challenges our industry faces and the power of VIATechnik is that we represent a diverse group of leaders from every pocket of this industry that are united around the idea that we can drive change at a project level and use that to evolve our industry."


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