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VIATechnik is your partner for enabling efficient BIM & VDC processes in the design and engineering of projects - from conception to reality. We set the bar high, offering cutting-edge BIM, VDC, and digital project management services.

Powerful Architecture & Engineering Solutions

Experience the difference with VIATechnik. Through the lens of a strategic approach and the development of comprehensive project plans, our BIM and VDC services are designed to streamline project team operations, reduce costs and ensure project success.

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Turning Vision Into Reality

At VIATechnik, we tackle the challenges of architecture and engineering head-on. Using advanced technology and industry insights, we aim to enhance project efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.

From our BIM and VDC services to our cutting-edge AR/VR solutions, we ensure improved project outcomes, reduced rework, superior coordination, and cost savings.

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Discover the industry’s best BIM and VDC solutions for architecture and engineering.

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We offer tailored solutions in BIM, VDC, and digital project management to enhance your architecture and engineering projects. Let's innovate together.


Discover VIATechnik's innovative blend of architecture and engineering design enablement services and revolutionize how you plan and implement projects.
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Virtual & Augmented Reality

Leverage VIATechnik’s expertise in VR and AR to bring your visions to life.
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VIATechnik pioneers the art of rendering, seamlessly fusing BIM visualization with pursuit visualizations.
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175 Park Avenue

Surrounded by iconic buildings and built on top of a network of transit systems below grade, our team organized this project into multiple phases. Using a dozen storyboards and logistics plans, we delivered multiple three-minute animations of the tower’s construction.



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DXA Studio Revit Template

Due to project inconsistencies, we were tasked with creating BIM standards for our architectural client. In collaboration with the firm, we built a Revit template to improve project consistency and provided documentation on BIM best practices.

BIM Templates

Revit Modeling

DXA Studio Revit Template
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