Pioneering Building Data Management

The era of building data management has arrived. Elevate your management with VIATechnik's Voyager Digital Twin technology platform, transforming data into actionable insights for smarter, more sustainable operations and setting new industry standards in efficiency and innovation.

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Construction Management Revolution

A Digital Twin is a digital representation of a physical environment, enabling data driven insights and action. It represents a connection between the digital and physical world, and it is used to enable organizations to monitor, analyze and simulate real-world data in a virtual environment.

VIATechnik Voyager: The Future of Building Data

The VIATechnik Voyager Digital Twin technology platform centralizes building operations data, offering detailed insights into every asset for owners and stakeholders. By harnessing design and construction data, Voyager enhances operational efficiency and success, representing the future of data utilization in building management.

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User Experience for all Stakeholders

An opportunity exists to engage a diverse set of users to utilize the Digital Twin to enhance their day-to-day experience. Voyagers allows stakeholders from all departments, like ESG, Security, Maintenance and more to make high quality, high velocity decisions.

Voyager enhances this user experience by enabling users to swiftly and effortlessly locate the right information. Its adaptability and user-friendliness make Voyager an ideal tool for this purpose.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

The Voyager technology platform is built upon Building Information Modeling (BIM), which serves as its core foundation. Employing BIM in the design and construction phases offers building owners the advantage of extracting data from these stages and applying it during building operations.

The BIM Module within Voyager enables users to not only visualize their buildings in 3D but also to access and utilize critical insights, thereby facilitating informed decision-making.


Asset Information Insights and Tracking

Effective building management begins with a clear grasp of the assets you possess and how well they are performing. Voyager is designed to give users easy access to precise asset information and insights into their current performance.

Voyager stands out for its superior search functionality, which empowers users to effortlessly locate a specific asset or system. Users can quickly identify the location and characteristics of any asset by using the search bar, conveniently positioned at the top of every page.

Centralized Access to Your Building Data

Data silos often occur in building operations because each technology platform has its unique function and maintains its own data set. Voyager addresses this issue by serving as a centralized hub for accessing your building’s data through multiple integrations.

Instead of moving data from its original location, Voyager keeps it in place and analyzes it. This approach allows building owners to gain data-driven insights and actionable intelligence from all building operations technology platforms.


Key Features


Centralized Data Hub: Gain access to comprehensive building information through a single, centralized technology platform.


Asset Information and Performance: Locate and retrieve details regarding your assets and their performance.


BIM & 3D Visualization: Develop a more profound understanding of the location and accessibility of your assets.


Advanced Search: Rapidly locate the correct information using a robust but simple, user-friendly search feature.


Personalized User Experience: Each stakeholder is provided with an experience tailored to their specific needs.


Scalable: A solution that can scale from a single building to encompass the entire portfolio of an owner.

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