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Technology Platforms

Discover Thread, Precogs, and Voyager — the state-of-the-art technology platforms changing the future of the construction & real estate industries. These integrated solutions enable our clients' organizations to move from data to insights to action.

Transforming the AEC Industry With Game-Changing Software

At VIATechnik, we are revolutionizing the AEC industry with our specialized technology platforms: Voyager, Thread, and Precogs. Voyager is our advanced digital twin solution, enabling the creation of virtual replicas of physical buildings and infrastructure for improved project visualization and management. Thread, our digital supply chain technology platform, integrates AI to optimize logistics, ensuring materials and resources are efficiently managed and delivered, significantly enhancing on-site productivity.

Precogs stands apart as our AI-powered knowledge management technology platform, designed to empower project teams with data-driven insights. It facilitates intelligent decision-making by synthesizing vast quantities of data into actionable information. This allows for unparalleled knowledge sharing and risk management, further cementing our commitment to driving the AEC industry forward through innovative technological applications.

Our Technology Platforms


Precogs is your intelligent knowledge management solution, uniquely designed to address the knowledge retention problem in the construction industry. By leveraging predictive insights, Precogs streamlines learning across organizations and preemptively identifies potential issues on projects. This technology platform connects to tools you use every day and uses Artificial Intelligence to create knowledge from troves of construction data.

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