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There’s no one way to succeed at VIATechnik. Each team member brings their own vision, talents and passion to their roles. We believe that it is our differences that strengthen the whole of our company.

Through our years of experience, we have discovered a few common values that drive shared success.

One Team


At VIATechnik, our One Team collaborative, transparent, and connected culture is the core of our competitive advantage. Through the pillars of diversity, equity, and inclusion, we ensure that all team members have a voice and can express the human element. VIATechies are accountable - we follow through on our commitments, and team members know they can rely on us. We share our knowledge, unique experiences, and insights, working to elevate the entire team as we move forward.

"Since starting at VIATechnik, there is one thing I have learned: collaboration is key. One Team! Training comes naturally when you are welcomed as part of the team on Day 1. I've never worked with a smarter group of individuals, much less a collective whole like VT!"

Bryan Strecker,
Senior VDC Engineer (Denver, CO)

Passion for Results


Our Passion for Results mindset focuses on elevating good to great through the intersection of people, process, and technology. VIATechies take ownership of the results and exert the effort required to achieve those results. Through a culture of feedback, we seek to learn and improve, pushing the boundaries of our capabilities. We strive for excellence and seek additional value creation to delight our clients and advance the built environment.

At VIATechnik, we focus on partnerships with our clients and strive to help clients innovate, grow, and become more successful.."

Christopher Wilocki
Director Electrical VDC (Denver, CO)



VIATechnik drives the built environment forward through Innovation, embracing new ways to solve problems and realize the art of the possible. We deliver value to all our stakeholders - our team, clients, and industry - in exciting, creative, and delightful ways. Through a diverse and inclusive culture, we create an atmosphere where brilliant ideas thrive and grow.

"VIATechnik is constantly pushing the industry forward, and it has been an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience to be part of a team that is never satisfied with the status quo."

Cheng Xuan Lim,
VDC Manager (Chicago, IL)

VIATechnik offers a wide range of benefits as part of our total reward packages.

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VIATechnik is looking for a highly driven, smart, and passionate project engineer to help us transform the AEC industry. We are a fast-growing virtual design and construction company that utilizes technology and talent to deliver results. Our clients are ENR Top 100 Companies whose projects range from civil structures to landmark commercial developments. Founded by Stanford engineering graduates, VIATechnik is disrupting the AEC industry and is experiencing significant traction and growth across the range of services it provides. We specialize in offering customized engineering services like BIM, laser scanning, virtual reality, simulations, tailored software development, estimating, and scheduling. Our team members gain unparalleled exposure to state-of-the-art technology and the entire design and construction process. If you want to help move construction and design technology forward, then we want to talk to you! For questions, reach out to [email protected].