BIM360 Consulting

VIATechnik has helped enterprise organizations implement collaboration and remote work tools.  Utilizing Autodesk’s BIM360 platform, we have enabled distributed work forces to collaborate and work on complex design and construction projects seamlessly and efficiently.

Implementing Autodesk’s BIM360 effectively requires understanding the organization’s current workflows and needs.  We’re here to provide teams the necessary lift to implement BIM360 quickly and in a cost effective manner.  In addition to implementation, we provide training and software integration solutions to minimize down time and business risk.

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BIM 360 Advisory

  • Consulting
  • Implementation
  • Software Development
  • Systems Integration

What is BIM?

BIM, or building information modeling is a system in which analog information about a facility is transformed into a holistic digital model that includes both geometry and data. BIM is the foundation of any building design, construction, or operations optimization because with digital information, one can simulate, analyze and optimize any building related challenge. In the building design side, the potential ranges from optimal space planning to energy model simulations. Construction optimization tends to lean towards reducing field related issues or workflow efficiency that includes offsite construction.

Who We Work With

VIATechnik has worked with firms that either lead or seek to lead in their respective industries. General contractors, trade contractors, owners and designers interested in using BIM on a specific project.  If your company is interested in utilizing BIM on a project, please contact us.

How We Can Help

If you have BIM needs that we can support, please contact us so we can have one of our leading experts work with you. Whether you are a general contractor or trade contractor, VIATechnik has the experience and capability to support your BIM needs. Please fill out the form below or call us so we can deliver the right solution for your needs.


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