BIM Services

VIATechnik takes a hands on approach when working with clients on their BIM needs. Our range of BIM services include 3D modeling, 4D scheduling, 5D cost estimation, BIM Coordination, and Computational BIM to name a few. We work with owners, general contractors, and design firms on making the BIM process work efficiently for any type of project – from healthcare to commercial projects. Through our experience implementing BIM on thousands of projects, our team of BIM services experts not only executes efficiently but also provides insight on each project based on real world experience. When VIATechnik provides BIM services to clients, we take the time to understand our clients’ project needs and desired outcomes. Our firm is entirely software agnostic, so depending on the project’s BIM execution plans or specifications, we tailor our tools to match the project’s requirements. This includes utilizing Revit, AECOsim, or CATIA. In addition to the BIM services we offer, we also provide our clients with leading training allowing them to empower their internal teams to grow and develop a best in class capability.

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BIM Services

  • 3D Model Generation
  • BIM Coordination
  • Fabrication Level Models / CNC
  • 4D Scheduling
  • 5D Cost Estimation
  • Computational BIM

What is BIM Modeling?

BIM, or building information modeling is a system in which analog information is transformed into a holistic digital model that includes both geometry and data. BIM is the foundation of any building design, construction, or operations optimization. By utilizing our BIM Modeling Services, one can simulate, analyze and optimize any building related challenge. In the building design side, the potential ranges from optimal space planning to energy model simulations. In addition to this, construction optimization tends to lean towards reducing field related issues or workflow efficiency that includes offsite construction.

BIM Modeling Services




BIM services

The Benefits of BIM Modeling

BIM modeling has revolutionized project design and construction workflows for the AEC industry. More than just 3D geometry, BIM is a complete process for managing information that comes along with a project.

BIM’s data benefits are undeniable. Taking advantage of the BIM throughout the lifecycle of the project can improve overall building efficiency by as much as 55% and post-build performance by 35%, while dramatically reducing costs associated with wasted materials, construction inefficiencies, scheduling conflicts, and more.

Major BIM modeling benefits include:

  1. The ability to validate building designs for cost, site feasibility, performance analysis, and to quickly correct design elements based on data analysis;
  2. Visualizing complex concepts in three dimensions;
  3. Provide a real time analysis and updates on costs, scheduling, and project timelines;
  4. Improve project coordination and detect conflicts or clashes before they occur;
  5. Vastly improve workflows and productivity;
  6. Mitigate risks early;
  7. Ensure adherence to data standards;
  8. Manage data across the entire project lifecycle and link data to geometry




3D BIM Modeling Services

3D modeling is an integral part of the overall BIM modeling process. While these tools have been used for decades in a wide variety of industries — including architectural and building design — their integration into the BIM umbrella has allowed designers and project managers to harness the power of data and turbocharge the entire built environment project lifecycle. 

Our team works with a vast array of platforms, from Revit BIM modeling to a variety of industry-leading 3D BIM software that provide pre-construction project controls to building operations and digital facilities management.

BIM modeling services




BIM Modeling Services

Why VIATechnik Leads BIM Services

While AEC professionals may have extensive experience with 3D tools, many lack the experience to undertake an effective, fully-integrated BIM process. BIM best practices continue to evolve, and partnering with the leading BIM services provider can dramatically improve project efficiency without having to incur the cost of training, staff recruitment, and software applications.

Having a Third-Party provider allows for independent model validation, and data integrity verification – VIATechnik works closely with our partners to review constructability, design feasibility, and data cleanliness. Outsourcing your BIM needs to VIATechnik is a value added and efficient way to bring all the advantages of the BIM process to your project. Supported by a team of experts with experience working on over 2,000 projects around the world, we can boost productivity, enhance collaboration, and prevent cost overruns.

BIM Services: Who we work with

VIATechik has worked with firms that either lead or seek to lead in their respective industries. This includes owners, general contractors, architects, and engineers interested in utilizing our BIM Services on a specific project.

Our Projects have been featured in ENR, have won awards, and most importantly, helped our clients manage quality, cost, and schedule.

Professional BIM Modeling Services

How Our Team Can Help with BIM Modeling

Whether you are an architect or engineer, VIATechik has the experience and capability to support your BIM Modeling Services needs. Please contact us us using the form below or give us a call so our leading experts can deliver the right solution for your needs.


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