Built Environment Heros

This holiday season, our team at VIATechnik raises our cups to you, the heroes of the built environment. As you design, build, and operate the most important projects in the world, we're honored to work alongside you. In 2024, here's to seeing the future and building it with confidence! Cheers! Stay tuned to this page, we'll be updating it for a year of engaging updates and surprises!

Coffee with a cause

Hero Coffee, established in 2014, is a woman-owned Chicago business where every coffee you buy donates $1 to local good, making your brew even more rewarding.

Dark Roast coffee
Flavor Profile:
Amaretto, Almond, Mild Berry Flavors. Good Sweetness and Melow Acidity.

New Dark Roast comes from Guatemala from the region of the Huehuetenango and is part of the Women CODECH program. The Women Producer coffee from CODECH is a special program, and has been one of the catalysts for our expanded Women Producers collaborations. Coffees in this lot are 100% from women-owned or -managed farms. The women growers are paid a premium to have their lots separated out for this specific offering, and the premiums are used in part by the women of CODECH to support health-initiative programs in the community. Half of the premium is collected for a women’s health workshop in the municipality of Concepcion, Huista, which has a high infant-mortality rate.

Medium Roast coffee
Flavor Profile:
Milk Chocolate & Almond Mexico, Chiapas

Nestled in the heart of Central America, Chiapas, Mexico cultivates some of the most treasured coffee beans in the region. Renowned for their remarkable sweetness and gentle complexity, Chiapas coffees offer a delicate dance of flavors, with fleeting hints of nuts and a lighter body than their Guatemalan counterparts.