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Optimize project planning and unlock construction efficiency with VIATechnik's 4D BIM services. Experience synchronized excellence for enhanced project coordination and success.

Game-Changing 4D BIM Solutions

VIATechnik's 4D BIM solutions optimize construction efficiency through advanced technology. Our services include 4D planning, scheduling, and 4D BIM to enable seamless coordination and enhanced project management capabilities.

4D BIM- Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive Planning

At VIATechnik, we prioritize comprehensive planning by integrating project timelines, resources, and tasks into 4D BIM.

Our 4D BIM solutions incorporate accurate time-based data, allowing project teams to visualize and optimize construction sequences, identify potential conflicts, and make informed decisions that enhance overall project efficiency.

Tailored Solutions

Understanding that every project has unique requirements, VIATechnik provides tailored 4D BIM solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs. We work closely with our clients to understand their project goals, challenges, and constraints.

Leveraging our expertise in 4D BIM and construction management, we develop customized solutions that address specific project complexities, optimize resource allocation, and improve project outcomes. Our approach ensures that our clients receive 4D BIM solutions that align with their project objectives and deliver enhanced construction management capabilities.

4D BIM - Tailored Solutions
4D BIM - Collaborative Approach

Collaborative Approach

VIATechnik embraces a collaborative approach to 4D BIM implementation. We facilitate effective communication and coordination among project stakeholders, including architects, engineers, contractors, and owners. Our collaborative tools and methodologies ensure that everyone involved in the project has access to up-to-date project information and can actively participate in the planning and decision-making processes.

This collaborative environment fosters better teamwork, reduces miscommunication, and enhances project coordination.

The VIATechnik Difference

At VIATechnik, what sets us apart is our steadfast commitment to our core values. With every engagement, we embody unmatched expertise, provide tailored solutions, and tirelessly pursue opportunities for innovation to drive exceptional project outcomes.



Precise schedule integration with BIM at design or construction phases.



Effective communication and collaboration among all stakeholders.



Flexibility to adjust models and data as the project progresses.

Related Projects

Gaylord Palms Resort Development

Our on-site logistics and detailed 4D construction simulations optimized this $158 million tenant improvement
project’s tight schedule by 20%. The resort expansion added 300 additional rooms and 6,000 square feet of carpeted meeting and conference facilities.


Gaylord Opryland Tropical Botanical Gardens flowers plants waterfall palm Nashville Tennessee state

Denver University

Working on a highly condensed time frame, our team collaborated with Denver University’s general contractor to storyboard and utilize motion graphics, animations, and visual effects to maximize impact, yielding a high-quality finished product.

Virtual & Augmented Reality


Denver University

China WWTP

VIATechnik generated a 4D/ 5D BIM for a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant in China. Merging design, with construction schedule, quantity, cost, and logistics data, the design-build contractor was able to visualize the project prior to construction for enhanced decision making. Resource allocation was optimized, and variability in project timelines was eliminated.



China WWTP Large

175 Park Avenue

Surrounded by iconic buildings and built on top of a network of transit systems below grade, our team organized this project into multiple phases. Using a dozen storyboards and logistics plans, we delivered multiple three-minute animations of the tower’s construction.



park ave Large
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