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BIM Standards Consulting Services

Enhance data exchange, interoperability, and collaboration using VIATechnik's expertise in AEC BIM standards and BIM LOD standards, ensuring consistency and efficiency throughout a project’s lifecycle.

BIM Standards

Our hands-on approach to BIM services, from 3D modeling to computational BIM, ensures data-driven collaboration, efficiency, and adherence to industry BIM standards. Discover the power of BIM for your design and construction projects.

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Data-Driven Collaboration

Our BIM standards approach emphasizes data-driven decision-making, allowing owners, design firms, and general contractors to work in harmony.

By fostering a culture of collaboration between all teams, we ensure that stakeholders can easily access and interpret project data, enabling them to make informed choices throughout the construction lifecycle.

Comprehensive BIM

VIATechnik offers a comprehensive suite of BIM services designed to meet AEC BIM standards and BIM LOD standards.

From 3D BIM and 4D scheduling to 5D cost estimation and computational BIM, we tailor our services to match your project’s BIM execution plans or specifications, utilizing industry-leading technology platforms such as Revit and AECOsim. Our software-agnostic approach ensures flexibility and compatibility with your preferred tools.

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Industry Adherence

BIM standards establish a common framework for seamless collaboration and data consistency in construction projects. Our team of experts ensures that your projects adhere to industry best practices and BIM LOD standards. Ensure your project complies with the necessary data standards, providing you with a robust and reliable model for decision-making.

By maintaining a strict adherence to BIM standards, we eliminate uncertainties, minimize risks, and maximize the value of BIM across the entire project lifecycle.

Hands-On Efficiency

Our hands-on approach to BIM services sets us apart in the construction industry. With real-world experience implementing BIM on thousands of projects, our team of experts doesn’t just execute efficiently but also provides valuable insights tailored to your unique project needs. We take the time to understand your desired outcomes and align our BIM services accordingly, offering 3D model generation, fabrication-level models, and more.

By integrating BIM seamlessly into your project workflow, we empower your internal teams to grow and develop a best-in-class capability for a smoother, more efficient construction process.

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The VIATechnik Difference

At VIATechnik, what sets us apart is our steadfast commitment to our core values. With every engagement, we embody unmatched expertise, provide tailored solutions, and tirelessly pursue opportunities for innovation to drive exceptional project outcomes.



One team dedicated to transformative BIM standards that can help create consistent results no matter the project.



Our unwavering passion ensures exceptional results for every project. Our custom BIM standards allow clients to achieve quality results in each project.


Custom Solutions

Innovation is at the core of VIATechnik, driving transformative solutions that are developed to meet our client's specific needs and goals.

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Our client was looking to drive results by moving from BIM to VDC. During this multi-year partnership, we provided customized VDC training for our client’s teams and developed a robust QA/QC template in line with their deliverables standards and BIM execution plan.

BIM Strategy

BIM Standards

BIM Training


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Assisting with a new nine-story hospital tower, we streamlined our client’s design updating process by linking the design and construction models together, enhancing coordination, and providing Scripps Health with information for future facility management.

BIM Strategy

BIM Standards

BIM for Facilities Management

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