Enterprise-Level BIM Strategy

Achieve accountability, transparency, and ROI through innovative BIM strategy. Our tailored approach, deep industry knowledge, and data-driven workflows empower you to reach exceptional outcomes.

Harness the Power of BIM

Through our BIM consulting service, we help clients maximize the full potential of their digital journey. Our team specializes in enterprise-level BIM strategy, establishing standards, creating BIM roadmaps, and delivering superior ROI.

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Bespoke BIM Strategy

VIATechnik takes a client-centric approach to our BIM strategy and consulting services. Our experienced consultants work with subject matter experts and stakeholders to assess each client’s project requirements, objectives, and constraints.

By analyzing existing workflows and understanding unique project needs, we develop tailored BIM implementation strategies that address specific challenges to optimize overall success. Our expertise lies in identifying the right blend of BIM technologies, processes, and standards that align with the client’s goals.

ROI-Centric BIM and CAD Standards

VIATechnik specializes in establishing comprehensive BIM and CAD standards that deliver maximum ROI for our clients. Our consultants work closely with clients to define and document standards that govern the creation, organization, and exchange of digital information throughout the project lifecycle.

By creating robust protocols, templates, and guidelines, we ensure consistency, interoperability, and seamless data exchange between different stakeholders and technology platforms.

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BIM Roadmap Creation

VIATechnik assists clients in developing BIM roadmaps that outline the phased implementation of BIM processes and technologies. Our consultants collaborate with stakeholders to identify key milestones, prioritize BIM adoption efforts, and establish realistic timelines.

By creating a structured roadmap, we guide clients in effectively transitioning the enterprise to BIM, enabling them to incorporate BIM practices into their capital projects while minimizing disruption and maximizing value creation.

BIM Consulting and Workflow Optimization

VIATechnik provides the industry’s most experienced BIM consulting team, dedicated to optimizing workflows, enhancing collaboration, and driving innovation.

Through careful analysis, we propose streamlined workflows leveraging advanced BIM tools, methodologies, and technology platforms, such as Autodesk’s Construction Cloud or other industry-leading tools. By implementing optimized workflows, we enable better project coordination, improved data sharing.


The VIATechnik Difference

At VIATechnik, our experienced leaders deliver results on our consulting engagements. With every client, we tailor solutions that deliver outcomes, generate ROI, and deliver results quarter after quarter.



Our consulting approach seeks to deliver ROI across multiple stages of the engagement.


Experienced Leaders

Our team is the most experienced firm in BIM, working with Fortune 500 owners and general contractors to enmesh BIM into the enterprise.



When clients work with VIATechnik, they experience a transformative change in their organizations across the processes and tools used to deliver, maintain, and operate capital projects.

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Amazon Retail Scan to BIM Strategy

We assisted a major eCommerce brand in launching a nationwide program implemented in 40 locations. By providing detailed objectives, scanning criteria, and example deliverables, we established standard operating procedures for evaluating potential vendors.


BIM Strategy

Scan to BIM

BIM Standards

Amazon Retail Scan to BIM Strategy


Our client was looking to drive results by moving from BIM to VDC. During this multi-year partnership, we provided customized VDC training for our client’s teams and developed a robust QA/QC template in line with their deliverables standards and BIM execution plan.

BIM Strategy

BIM Standards

BIM Training


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Assisting with a new nine-story hospital tower, we streamlined our client’s design updating process by linking the design and construction models together, enhancing coordination, and providing Scripps Health with information for future facility management.

BIM Strategy

BIM Standards

BIM for Facilities Management

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Digital Transformation Consulting & Implementation for Confidential Industrial REIT

Our client had the opportunity to leverage their industry-leading position to accelerate growth, differentiate, and invest in digital transformation. This multi-year partnership identified business opportunities via strategic consulting and BIM services.


Roadmap Development

BIM Strategy

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