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3 Things to Look for in a BIM Coordinator

March 20, 2024 | 4 min read

A great BIM coordinator is like a secret weapon, akin to a Swiss army knife. They blend technical expertise with strong interpersonal skills to navigate complex projects and ensure successful outcomes.

Critical to a construction project’s success, a BIM coordinator ensures that all disciplines fit together seamlessly before physical construction begins.

As more owners require Building Information Modeling (BIM) for their projects, general contractors (GCs) can stay competitive with a strong BIM coordinator on board. As you navigate the bidding process for new construction projects, your BIM coordinator can be instrumental in distinguishing your services from the competition and demonstrating your expertise in the field.

What Does a BIM Coordinator Do?

Unlike traditional roles such as a designer or project manager, a BIM coordinator possesses a unique blend of skills that merge the technical with the interpersonal. Two of their primary responsibilities include maintaining the project schedule and ensuring the accuracy of design information within the model.

GCs commonly engage BIM coordinators during the pre-construction phase of their project to help develop the BIM execution plan, coordinate with design teams, establish BIM standards and protocols, and set up the BIM software environment.

When seeking a BIM coordinator for your next project, you should look for three essential qualities. 

1. Field Construction Know-How

Construction project success hinges on whether the structure was built correctly and if it was done on time. BIM provides confidence in the accuracy and timeliness of construction projects by enabling the creation of structures and systems in a virtual environment, where you can iron out the clashes and understand your timeline before ever reaching the construction site. 

That’s why your BIM coordinator should have a keen understanding of field construction in addition to their BIM authoring capabilities. The expertise required for on-site construction is highly beneficial in the virtual environment, as it entails considering the same intricate details, particularly in identifying potential conflict areas.

2. Tireless Attention to Detail 

A BIM coordinator’s job requires them to draw from multiple sources to get information. From gathering inputs from stakeholders to reviewing drawings, a great BIM coordinator can take all this information, organize it, and synthesize it into meaningful project plans. 

Once a BIM coordinator gathers necessary project information from all parties, they must prioritize tasks and allocate resources accordingly to create an efficient project. If anything changes with the project, the BIM coordinator must respond and update the model and stakeholders accordingly. This strong attention to detail helps maintain the quality of the project. 

3. Spot-on Communication Skills 

A BIM coordinator must not only absorb all the necessary information from various stakeholders and organize it into a cohesive schedule, but they need to maintain momentum on the project by keeping stakeholders on track and pushing them forward. 

Interpersonal skills such as communication and empathy are crucial. Good BIM coordinators can get a room full of people to agree on how to get the work done, even when the five or six individuals come from different companies, with different incentives and communication styles. A strong BIM coordinator can quickly gain consensus, make everyone’s voice heard, and turn a group into a successful team that works together efficiently. 

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Meet Your Expert VIATechnik BIM Coordinator

Understanding and emphasizing the value of a strong BIM coordinator is essential for general contractors aiming for timely and cost-effective project delivery. 

VIATechnik’s BIM Coordinators offer a comprehensive skill set that empowers general contractors to efficiently resolve clashes, enhance BIM workflows, and accelerate coordination efforts. With our industry expertise, technology-driven strategies, and commitment to delivering value, contractors can confidently navigate complex projects, streamline operations, and achieve outstanding results.

Contact us today to learn how VIATechnik can help general contractors elevate their BIM coordination, level up their digital skills, and achieve incredible results. 

We would love to learn more about your needs and discuss how we can partner with you to level up your projects. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can contact us at or use the contact form.