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Best In-the-field Mobile Apps for the Construction Industry

October 12, 2016 | 4 min read

For hundreds of years, the construction industry has utilized the most current and advanced technology available to professionals at the time. As smartphone technology advances, mobile apps have also adapted to take advantage of these innovations, allowing it to do so much more for all different industries.

So it should come as no big surprise that mobile apps are changing the way that modern construction projects are being done from start to finish.

Not only can apps help construction companies be more efficient and cost effective, but they can also help improve workflows and manage documents. They are helping workers and managers stick to strict schedules with inspection points, improving communication and coordination, and streamlining the required paperwork.

Mobile apps specifically designed for construction are making a huge impact, both in the field and back at the office. Below are some of the best in-the-field mobile apps we’ve found that you may find helpful.


fieldwire logo

Fieldwire is an excellent task management app that was designed by construction professionals, for construction professionals. It’s geared towards management and helps foremen delegate jobs while they’re out in the field and back in the office. You can see lists of tasks that are complete and overdue and create daily reports to track workers’ progress. While out in the field, you can upload photos of the stages of work to add to job files.



For real-time information sharing and collaborative work, PlanGrid is an app that makes building simple with less paperwork to manage. Over 42,000 professionals, including contractors, subcontractors, owners, and designers, use this app to finish products efficiently and cost effectively. What we like about this app is that it really helps you stay organized and hyperlinks text and detail callouts automatically.



If your construction business could benefit from better reporting practices, then consider downloading the Raken app. This app is also geared towards management to help superintendents and foremen expedite the process of filing work logs, incident reports, and other documentation.  It creates work reports with time stamps out in the field and records climate information at job sites to provide backup for lost productivity.



Even if you don’t have an internet connection where you’re working, you can create estimates on the easy-to-use mobile app, JobFLEX. Edit your materials list, customize your formatting, and provide up to 50 customer estimates on a single user account. Something that makes this app stand out is that it works offline and you can include job site photos to distinguish your company from the competition. General contractors, electricians, carpentry and concrete experts, and other industry professionals have all made good use of this app.

Estimate Rocket

Estimate Rocket

This web-based app does more than just estimations in field; it also assists workers with on-site invoicing, scheduling, and project tracking. You can complete these tasks using any device, which helps contractors stay organized and be more responsive to customers. This is a great app to use if you’re looking to run a more paperless business and stay organized. It supports multiple users so you can collaborate on projects onsite or in the office. Many different industries have made use of this app, including professionals in foundation repair, remodeling, roofing, and painting.

Aconex Field

Aconex Field

Aconex has several mobile apps for construction management that are targeted at big companies looking to improve their operations. One of these, Aconex Field, is designed to make field inspections more efficient, high quality, and safe. You can run this app on iOS or Android to improve accuracy and reduce duplicate work. Other construction apps by this company are Aconex Mobile to track and share information, Aconex Connected BIM Mobile to provide convenient BIM access, and Aconex Handover for onsite operations updates and access.

BIM 360 Field

The BIM 360 Field app allows users in the construction industry to collaborate and report on-site using mobile technologies while sharing and saving the information to the cloud.  BIM 360 software improves construction quality, reduces rework, promotes safety, and enhances workflow. This app is available for the iPad or the iPhone.

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