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We’re empowering Boston's construction excellence. VIATechnik's BIM Consulting services elevate projects through cutting-edge technology and expert insights. Discover the path to seamless collaboration and optimal efficiency for unparalleled success.

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Welcome to VIATechnik Boston, where our BIM consulting services empower your projects with cutting-edge technology and expert insights. From virtual design to clash detection, our skilled team optimizes collaboration, efficiency, and success.

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Our transformative blend of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is modernizing design and construction processes in the AEC industry. Together, our BIM and VDC services drive greater project accuracy, efficiency, and sustainability, enabling you to achieve even your most ambitious goals.

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Our client was looking to drive results by moving from BIM to VDC. During this multi-year partnership, we provided customized VDC training for our client’s teams and developed a robust QA/QC template in line with their deliverables standards and BIM execution plan.

BIM Strategy

BIM Standards

BIM Training


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Quincy Public Safety Headquarters (QPSH)

Executing our client’s digital delivery process, we led MEP coordination for this 120,000 square foot space and created and 2D drawings for field use. Our coordinated architectural layouts and penetration plans minimized future rework.


Digital Construction Operations

Constructability Reviews

BIM + Field

Quincy Public Safety Headquarters (QPSH) Large
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