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Discover top-tier BIM services in Los Angeles with VIATechnik. Our leading BIM agency offers tailored solutions for construction projects, optimizing efficiency and precision. Elevate your builds with our expert guidance.

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Trust the expertise of VIATechnik, Los Angeles' BIM experts. Our experienced consultants bring innovative BIM solutions to your projects, ensuring seamless collaboration and streamlined construction processes.

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Our transformative blend of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is modernizing design and construction processes in the AEC industry. Together, our BIM and VDC services drive greater project accuracy, efficiency, and sustainability, enabling you to achieve even your most ambitious goals.

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Virgin Hyperloop

We developed a high-fidelity VR experience to prepare for the construction phases of this high-speed travel concept. Our 3D game artists created a 500-meter test track and travel pods on 50 acres of desert land, resulting in an immersive hyperloop transport experience.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Major Theme Park Expansion

Assisting with the expansion and creation of new land at a major California theme park, we joined the owner’s design and construction team to lead VDC to coordinate rides, theatrics, lighting, and animation. We delivered on time and on budget.


BIM Coordination

BIM Management

Major Theme Park Expansion
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