Making 4D BIM Work for You

Learn how to manage volatility through 4D

The value of 4D

What are the benefits of sound 4D modeling? What real-world problems does it solve?

Barriers to adoption

What holds people back from doing it right?

Implementing 4D right

What are the best practices in developing a 4D model?

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The Authors

Making 4D BIM Work for you by VIATechnik & Avvir
Digital Transformation Leader in AEC industry | BIM, Virtual Design & Construction, VR, AR & Digital Twin

Anton Dy Buncio
Co-founder & COO, VIATechnik

Anton is the co-founder and COO of VIATechnik, a construction technology firm disrupting the AEC industry through innovative VDC consulting, implementation, and education. He leads VIATechnik’s research & development studio that specializes in common data environment integration, educational programs, and data analytics. Anton graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Management Science & Engineering. Before founding VIATechnik, he worked at the global management consulting firm Bain & Company in San Francisco and Sydney, advising clients on strategy, operations, and marketing.

Raffi Holzer CEO of Avvir

Raffi Holzer
Co-founder & CEO, Avvir

Raffi is the co-founder and CEO of Avvir, a construction technology startup that brings transparency to the AEC industry using reality capture and machine learning. He is busy building the system of record for buildings from construction through demolition. Raffi holds a BA in Physics from Yeshiva University and an MSE in Bioengineering and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Before founding Avvir, he worked as a product manager at the agile software development consulting firm Pivotal Labs.